Iran: WhatsApp, Instagram to remain blocked after Mahsa Amini protests

Tehran: The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi announced on Wednesday that the government will continue to restrict access to social media networks— Instagram and WhatsApp, which have been blocked for months due to the protest movement. The Iranian authorities imposed strict restrictions on the Internet and social networks, after protests erupted following the death of Mahsa Amini, in mid-September, three days after she was arrested by the morality police. Raisi said

Kamenoi Hotel launches Instagram campaign to win accommodation vouchers for 32 Kamenoi hotels nationwide

On the 15th, Kamenoi Hotel launched an Instagram campaign to win 32 Kamenoi Hotel accommodation vouchers nationwide.   Kamenoi Hotel, operated by MyStays Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Shunsuke Yamamoto / President: Ryoichi Shirota), will open from December 15th to January next year. Until the 15th, we will carry out an[invitation campaign to your favorite Kamenoi Hotel]on the official Instagram.   Kamenoi Hotel is a hot spring

Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization to hold “Nagano Prefectural Tourism Instagram Awards 2022-2023 Winter”

On the 15th, the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization started the “Nagano Prefecture Tourism Instagram Awards 2022-2023 Winter”. (No company) Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization will hold the “Nagano Prefecture Tourism Instagram Award 2022-2023 Winter” from December 15th (Thursday) to commemorate the achievement of 100,000 Nagano Prefecture Tourism Official Instagram followers. The theme of the 7th award this time is “# Winter in Nagano”. We will disseminate the charm of winter in

Meta purges 23 mn bad pieces of content on FB, Instagram in India in Nov

New Delhi: Meta on Thursday said it took down over 19.52 million pieces of content across 13 policies for Facebook and over 3.39 million pieces of content across 12 policies for Instagram in the month of November in India. Between November 1-30, Facebook received 889 reports through the Indian grievance mechanism, and the company said it provided tools for users to resolve their issues in 511 cases. These include pre-established

Instagram suffers global outage, 2nd in 1 week

New Delhi: Thousands of Instagram users from all over the world reported issues as the outage began Monday morning, locking users out and informing many of them that “we suspended your account”. According to Daily Record, the platform confirmed the issue on Twitter and apologised for it. “We’re aware that some of you are having trouble accessing your Instagram account.” We’re looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience,” the

Tofuya Ryokan holds brand new rice delivery campaign with Instagram follow

Suzu no Yado Tofuya Ryokan (Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture) specializes in day trips, and the new brand “Wednesday Onogawa Onsen” will open in Yamagata Prefecture for about a month from October 24th to November 26th. We will hold a campaign to give away new branded rice. The way to participate is to “follow” the Instagram account and “like” the designated post. We will send 300g of new rice in an

Setouchi Tourism Promotion Organization launches fall gift campaign for Instagram users

The Setouchi Tourism Promotion Organization (Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, chairman Seiji Manabe), which constitutes the Setouchi DMO, has announced that until December 11, 7 prefectures of Setouchi (Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Kagawa) Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture) We will carry out an autumn gift campaign for “Setouchi A Little Trip” to promote excursions within the region. For those who post travel photos of Setouchi on Instagram and answer the questionnaire, we

Hyderabad cops seek UAE’s help to track Instagram moral-policer ‘Jhamunda’

Hyderabad: Living true to its character of Jhamunda – an indestructible shape shifting monster with super magical powers (from the 2003 film in the Jajantaram Mamantaram) – an Instagram account with the name that is indulging in moral policing youngsters has managed to evade the Cyber Crime department’s dragnet. Investigations into its activities of the Instagram page by the Hyderabad police have found that it is being operated from outside

Japan Tourism Agency Second Furusato Project Instagram opened

The Japan Tourism Agency has set up an official Instagram account ( was established. “Second Furusato-zukuri” is an initiative aimed at cultivating the domestic tourism market and expanding regional exchanges and related populations. Strengthen information dissemination via Instagram so that many people can know about the project. The “Second Hometown Creation Project” is based on the growing needs for trips that come in contact with nature and the movement of