Counting of votes begins for Mizoram Assembly elections

Aizawl: The counting of votes for Mizoram Assembly polls began on Monday morning amid elaborate security arrangements in all 11 districts of the state. Additional Chief Electoral Officer H. Lianzela said that initially, postal ballots are being counted and then, the counting of votes polled through the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) would be taken up. Over 4,000 officials including women are engaged in the counting process. These officials are posted

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza, dozens killed

Gaza: The Hamas-run Health Ministry said that Israel has launched new airstrikes on various areas in the war-torn Gaza Strip, resulting in dozens killed and wounded. Rescue workers and medics said that Israeli airstrikes on Sunday targeted a “populated residential building belonging to the Abu Aita family in the Jabalia Camp in the northern Strip. Thirty-seven people were killed and were transferred to the hospital over the past few hours”,

윤석열 국정수행, 긍정 37.6% 부정 59.2%

윤석열 대통령 국정수행 지지율이 3주 만에 소폭 하락했다는 여론조사 결과가 4일 나왔다. 여론조사기관 <리얼미터>가 에너지경제 의뢰로 11월 27일부터 12월 1일까지 닷새 동안 전국 18세 이상 유권자 2천507명을 대상으로 한 조사에서 윤 대통령 국정 수행에 대한 긍정 평가는 직전 조사 대비 0.5%p 내린 37.6%로 조사됐다. 부정 평가는 0.3%p 오른 59.2%다. 권역별로 대전·세종·충청(4.1%p↓, 긍정평가 38.2%, 부정평가 58.3%), 부산·울산·경남(3.1%p↓, 44.2%, 52.7%), 서울(2.8%p↓, 35.0%, 60.9%), 광주·전라(2.0%p↓, 19.4%, 78.4%)에서 하락했다. 반면 인천·경기(3.9%p↑, 36.5%, 61.4%)에선 상승했다. 연령대별로 40대(2.9%p↓, 긍정평가 23.1%, 부정평가 74.9%)와 60대(2.2%p↓, 49.8%, 48.4%), 70대 이상(1.6%p↓, 59.2%, 34.2%)에선 내렸고, 20대(4.3%p↑, 30.5%, 65.3%)와 30대(1.1%p↑, 35.4%, 60.4%)에선 올랐다. 이념성향별로 중도층(2.9%p↓, 긍정평가 33.4%, 부정평가 63.8%)에선 하락한 반면, 보수층(1.2%p↑, 63.8%, 33.5%)에선 상승했다. 정당 지지도

‘Mama’ emerges hero of BJP’s victory in Madhya Pradesh assembly polls

Bhopal: The longest-serving BJP chief minister and popularly known as mama (maternal uncle) and ‘paon-paon wale bhaiya’ (foot soldier), Shivraj Singh Chouhan has emerged as the hero of his party’s stunning victory in the state assembly elections. The 64-year-old politician sought to turn the tables in BJP’s favour in Madhya Pradesh by launching a game-changer scheme like ‘Ladli Behna’ to beat anti-incumbency, though his party had refrained from projecting him

Telangana results indicate continued dominance of Congress in south: Shivakumar

Hyderabad: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar on Sunday said that Telangana results are an indication of continued dominance of Congress in South India. Addressing reporters here, he said: “Voters of Telangana and our party workers had made up their mind to bring change in the state and the results reflect that. I would like to thank the people of Telangana and all our party workers for the victory.” Congress

TB, malaria causing pathogens use force to breach immune defences: Study

New York: Researchers have discovered a previously unknown process by which tuberculosis, malaria and chlamydia causing pathogens enter a cell with physical force, breaching the body’s immune defences that prevent infection. These diseases are notoriously difficult to treat because the pathogens are protected inside host cells. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, introduces a potential game-changer in the fight against intracellular pathogens responsible

India beat Australia by 6 runs in 5th T20I, clinch series 4-1

Bengaluru: Shreyas Iyer (53) scored his eighth half-century and Mukesh Kumar took three wickets as India defeated Australia by six runs to win the fifth and final T20I by and take the series 4-1. With Australia needing 10 runs to win in the last six balls, Arshdeep Singh (2/40) produced a terrific final over including the key wicket of the dangerous Matthew Wade (22 off 15 balls, 4x4s) to help

5 candidates who won with highest margins in Telangana polls

Hyderabad: The Telangana elections of 2023 witnessed a decisive victory for the Congress, with the party securing 64 seats in 119-seat state assembly. This marks a significant shift in the political landscape of Telangana, as the incumbent Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) was defeated after almost ten years in power. However, there were also some notable victories for other parties, particularly in the constituencies of Nakrekal (SC), Kukatpally, Chandrayangutta, Siddipet, and

Very little for people to rejoice over election results outside J-K: Omar Abdullah

Jammu: National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Sunday said there was very little for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to rejoice over the victory of other parties in elections held in other states. The former chief minister of the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state made the remarks on a day the BJP won assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh while the Congress wrested power away from the

India among countries with most reported dengue deaths in 2023: Report

New Delhi: India is among top 20 countries with most reported dengue cases and deaths in the year 2023 — which recorded more than in the last five years annually, according to a report released on Sunday. The report, by aid agency Save the Children, showed that between January and November 2023, a whopping 5 million cases of dengue fever were recorded across 20 of the worst-impacted countries — marking