[Company introduction feature]Three thoughts on PMS Clip site

Our company is a software company that develops and sells PMS for Japanese inns, “Mistress-kun NEXT”. Since its release 10 years ago, it has been used by about 355 accommodation facilities. We thoroughly implement the following three measures so that customers can operate the system with peace of mind. The first is the support system. We are working to reduce the number of inquiries and response time by examining the

Tokyo Metro and JR East cooperate to promote introduction of wireless train control system

Tokyo Metro and JR East are working together to promote the introduction of wireless train control systems. Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Akiyoshi Yamamura, hereinafter “Tokyo Metro”) and East Japan Railway Company (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Fukasawa, hereinafter “JR East”) ”) aims to improve transportation stability and flexibly operate according to customer demand and needs, even in a situation where the social environment is changing due

Russian oil exports halved after the introduction of the "price ceiling"

A new package of Western sanctions, including a price ceiling on Russian oil and an embargo on its exports to the European Union, has brought Russia’s oil economy to a heart attack. Oil exports from Russian ports in the week ended December 16 collapsed by 56%, follows from calculations Bloomberg based on international tanker traffic data. From 3.4 million bpd in the first week of December, offshore oil exports collapsed

Russian oil exports have risen sharply since the introduction of the "price ceiling"

Russian oil companies have increased export volumes sharply after the EU imposed an embargo on barrels from the Russian Federation and, together with the G7 countries, established a “price ceiling”. In the week ending December 9 – the first time new sanctions were in effect – tankers were exporting 3.5 million barrels per day from Russian ports, calculated Bloomberg based on shipping statistics. Compared to the previous week, Russian oil

[Regional revitalization and tourism business 17]15 years since the introduction of hometown tax Konjac and pasta in Kanra-cho, Gunma Professor Chieko Chiba, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Tourism Management, Shukutoku University

The season of “hometown tax” has arrived. That being said, the system is designed to deduct donations made during the fiscal year (January to December), so the system is essentially non-seasonal. The reason why applications are concentrated from autumn to the end of the year is that the year-end adjustment procedure gives an estimate of annual income, and many of the gifts in return are fresh and large in quantity.

The Kremlin failed to agree on a response to the introduction of a ceiling on oil prices

The presidential administration developed three options for responding to the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian oil, but none of them could be approved, write Vedomosti, citing two sources close to the government. The meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with representatives of oil companies, which took place the day before, on December 6, did not yield any results either. The search for alternative solutions will continue, sources said.

Terra Motors partners with JTB to develop EV charging infrastructure Promoting introduction at inns and hotels

Terra Motors, which handles the charging infrastructure business for EVs (electric vehicles), formed a business alliance with JTB Communication Design on September 29th. Aiming to realize Green Transformation (GX), we will promote the construction of a sustainable transportation and tourism infrastructure centered on the development of the EV charging infrastructure network. We are proposing a plan that allows accommodation facilities in tourist areas to install EV chargers free of charge

General strike of non-regular school workers calls for introduction of 'single wage system'

School irregular workers went on a general strike on the 25th, demanding the introduction of a single wage system for school irregular workers and an expansion of the educational welfare budget. The National Association of School Non-regular Workers, an association of school non-regular workers, held a general strike in the afternoon of the same day. According to the Student Union Solidarity, 100,000 union members from 15,000 schools nationwide participated in

Japan Tourism Agency assists PMS introduction and renewal for accommodation facilities 2nd public offering started

On the 7th, the Japan Tourism Agency started the second public offering for the “Project to strengthen the service provision system using digital technology of accommodation facilities (accommodation facility inbound response support project)” using the supplementary budget for FY2021. Subsidies will be issued for the introduction, replacement, and customization of accommodation facility management systems (PMS) for lodging businesses that aim to increase profits throughout the region. The deadline is January