National Power-Democratic Party’s absurd remarks competition Democracy, “drug intoxication” Kim Ki-hyun’s Ethics Committee complaint

In addition to the power of the people, the Democratic Party is engaging in a ‘competition for absurd remarks’ that goes beyond the limit. In particular, the Democratic Party decided to file a complaint with the National Assembly’s Ethics Special Committee about the remarks made by Kim Ki-hyun, the representative of People’s Power, of “drug intoxication.” At the Supreme Council meeting held at the National Assembly on the morning of

It was thought to be food poisoning, it turned out to be drug intoxication;  Bebot shoot in the cell!

MANILA, Philippines- A bebot was jailed while seven people were hospitalized for eating faded fruits cannabis infused gummy bears or marijuana candy in Valenzuela City. The suspect identified as Sammy Lovino y Delector, 48, a resident of Llenado Compound, Maysan Road, Malinta of the said city, is being held in the detention cell of the Valenzuela City Police. Based on the Station Investigation Unit (SIU) of the Valenzuela City Police,