[2023 New Year Interview with Top 4 Lodging Groups]Mr. Tsuguyoshi Shimizu, Chairman of All Japan Hotel Federation

To become a sustainable organization for members, employees, countries and regions   ――Looking back on 22 years. Occupancy rates were particularly low at member hotels in metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, where there are many inbound tourists. There were many members whose main customers were business travelers, and some of them became bargain sales battles. Nationwide travel assistance has begun, and the economy has finally returned to recovery.

[2023 New Year's Day Interview with Top 4 Lodging Groups]Mr. Keisuke Tada, Chairman of All Travelers Association

Continuing to promote requests for measures against COVID-19 Appealing the attractiveness of the industry to improve its status ――Looking back at 2022. The industry has voiced its desire to conduct a business comparable to Go To Travel to expand travel demand, and the All Travel Federation has continued to say so. Then, on October 11, nationwide travel support linked to prefectural discounts and block discounts started. One progress has been

Future of Japan-Korea Tourism Exchange Interview with Chung Jinsoo, Former Director of Japan Regional Center and Tokyo Branch Manager of Korea Tourism Organization

Re-recognize Korea with “Korea Travel Test” Attract guests on a trip with a story ――Looking back at 2022. “During the corona crisis, I was making round-trip calls to the Japanese and South Korean governments to ease restrictions on overseas travel. Visa-free entry into South Korea resumed on August 4. While I was very happy, I felt sorry for the Japanese people who had to wait in line in front of

60th anniversary, future vision Interview with Yomiuri Travel President Takashi Sakamoto

Only one with high added value Cooperating with hotels, inns and facilities Yomiuri Travel celebrated its 60th anniversary on November 28, 2022. We asked President Takashi Sakamoto about the main initiatives of the anniversary year and his vision for the future. ――What are the main initiatives for the 60th anniversary year? “On November 28, the anniversary of our founding, we launched a new core system. It is the first cloud-based

Interview with Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Shunichi Tokura about tourism promotion utilizing Japanese culture

Firmly nurture culture as an industry “Ryokan” is a rare existence, inheriting culture The Agency for Cultural Affairs also works on tourism and regional revitalization through the promotion of culture and arts. We interviewed Commissioner Shunichi Tokura on the theme of “promoting tourism by making the most of Japanese culture.” The talk covered a wide range of topics, from cultural theories unique to Chief Tokura, who is one of Japan’s

US extends interview waiver for certain non-immigrant visa categories

Washington: The US on Friday (local time) extended the interview waiver facility for certain non-immigrant visa applicants. “We are pleased to announce that the Secretary of State has made a determination extending the authority of consular officers to waive in-person interviews for certain non-immigrant visa categories through December 31, 2023, read the US Department of State press release. It said the Department of State recognises the positive impact of travel

Attractiveness of Japan Same as before Corona Interview with Mr. Michael Dykes, Vice President of Asia-Pacific Market Management, Expedia Group

Travel technology democratizes –You have been appointed as Vice President (VP) in charge of market management for the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) from the head of Northeast Asia at Expedia Group, and you have moved your residence from Japan to Singapore. “Previously, I was Representative Director of Expedia Holdings, Head of Market Management Northeast Asia.As of June this year, I have changed to Expedia Group Vice President of Market Management Asia

Interview with Mr. Kokichi Miyazaki, Representative Director of the Japan Machiyado Association, on the Role of Machiyado in Regional Revitalization

Transmitting the “daily life” of the town where we live Machiyado is a town that looks like an accommodation facility. Businesses that involve local restaurants, bathhouses, souvenir shops, etc. are characterized by their ability to convey the appeal of the town. We asked Mr. Kokichi Miyazaki, the representative director of the Japan Machiyado Association and the owner of Machiyado hanare himself, about the connection between Machiyado and the local community,

Proposing Grislo to local governments Interview with Mr. Hiroshi Noguchi, Director and Membership Manager of the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)

After-sales service is also available for sightseeing excursions and shopping street tours From June, the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) has started proposing to local governments a new transportation service called “Green Slow Mobility” (Grislo) that utilizes small electric vehicles. We asked Mr. Hirohisa Noguchi, Director and Membership Manager, about the aim. ――What is green slow mobility? “It’s a means of transportation, but unlike a normal car, it’s characterized by a

Hiroshima Prefecture tourism aiming for V-shaped recovery on G7 summit plane Interview with Hiroshima Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki

Hiroshima Prefecture has been selected as the venue for next year’s G7 Summit (summer meeting of major countries, May 19-21). It is hoped that the attractiveness of tourism in the prefecture will be further spread. We asked Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki about the current state and challenges of tourism in the prefecture, as well as his thoughts on holding the summit. Tourism consumption target 800 billion yen ――What is the position