As JNU stops power, internet; students watch BBC documentary on phones, laptops

Protests broke out when students from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) were disallowed to watch the screening of the banned BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi as university management cut out electricity and internet. However, this did not deter the students as they decided to watch the documentary on their phones and laptops, reports said. JNU Students start watching the #BBCDocumentary. The PM #NarendraModi question on their mobile phones,

[Thoroughly attracting customers on the Internet 298]Prediction of the hotel and inn industry in 2023 Eiken Naito

In the previous issue, we looked back on 2022, but in this issue, I would like to talk about the future hotel and inn industry. As usual, the content is subjective, but please forgive me. We would like to narrow down the keywords to three this year as well, namely, “strengthening recruitment marketing,” “high added value (for the second consecutive year),” and “sustainable.” First, I would like to talk about

J-AIR to start providing in-flight internet service on Embraer 190 aircraft

J-AIR, a JAL Group company based at Osaka International Airport (Itami), will start providing in-flight internet service on Japan’s first regional aircraft (small aircraft with less than 100 seats) from December 26, 2022 (Monday). do. In the future, we will proceed with the repair work in stages, and by around the fall of 2024, the service will be available on all 14 J-AIR Embraer 190 aircraft. In June 2017, JAL

[Thoroughly attracting customers on the Internet 297]Looking back on 2022 Eiken Naito

As December approaches, as is customary every year, I would like to look back on this year. 2022 also got off to a slow start due to the corona (Omicron strain) epidemic early in the new year. As a result, the prefectural discount, which was one of the travel support, was forced to stop, and it was a harsh winter just like in 2009. After that, from the end of

[Thoroughly attracting customers on the Internet 296]Regional revitalization by reversing the idea of ​​labor shortage Eiken Naito

The market has become active due to the nationwide travel support, and there are many inns that continue to be fully booked. However, when I heard the actual situation, it was said that the room was vacant. What this means is that due to a shortage of staff, if a certain amount of sales is exceeded, it cannot be accepted, so it is effectively treated as fully occupied. According to

Ukraine was left without electricity and the Internet after Russian strikes

All nuclear power plants in Ukraine, as well as most thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants, were temporarily de-energized on Wednesday after the shelling of Russia, reported ministry of energy. Because of this, most of the country’s inhabitants were left without electricity, the department clarified. After the shelling, Kharkovskaya, Odessa, Chernihiv and most of the Khmelnytsky region. Partially lost light in Kyiv, Lvov, Nikolaev, and also in Kyiv, Zaporozhye

[Thoroughly attracting customers on the Internet 295]About the year-end and New Year trends Eiken Naito

In this issue, I would like to talk about trends in the year-end and New Year holidays. With the start of nationwide travel support, and the year-end and New Year activities are becoming more active, I would like to take a look at the general trend. To put it bluntly, this year’s year-end and New Year holidays are normal. As usual, December 31st saw the highest demand, followed by January

[Thorough Internet Customer Attraction 294]Nationwide Travel Support 2 Eiken Naito

There are times when I want to taste it on my travels and recreate it when I get home. China’s “Gambien Sujidou” is one of them. Seasonal beans are kidney beans. The name comes from the fact that it can be harvested all year round, and it is the same as the sando-mame in Japan, which can be harvested three times a year. Basically, it’s stir-fried kidney beans with minced

Internet speed in the Philippines improved following PBBM's directive

MANILA, Philippines – Fixed broadband and mobile median download speeds in the country increased, based on Ookla’s September Speedtest Global Index rankings. The fixed broadband median speed was recorded at 78.69Mbps in September from 78.33Mbps in August, while the mobile median speed climbed to 22.54Mbps from 22.35Mbps. As a result, the Philippines ranks 46th out of 181 countries for fixed broadband and 85th out of 139 countries for mobile. Out

Chae Yi-bae “When the Framework Act on Broadcasting and Communications Development was abolished, 16 out of 18 voted against, representing the logic of the Internet Business Association”

Former lawmaker Chae Yi-bae mentioned that the Framework Act on Broadcasting and Communications Development to prevent the ‘cacao eating out’ in the 20th National Assembly was not dealt with due to opposition from lawmakers from both parties. The logic was the logic that the Korea Internet Companies Association, which had Kakao or Naver as its members, came and came up with it,” he pointed out. In the morning of the