Technical intern training and specific skills for foreign human resources

Interim report around spring The government set up an expert review panel to review the technical intern training system and the specified skill system regarding the acceptance of foreign workers, and held its first meeting on December 14. The Technical Intern Training Program has been criticized for straying far from its purpose of contributing to the international community, and is aimed at securing a labor force to compensate for labor

Recruitment interviews for foreign technical intern trainees in Hanoi, Vietnam Conducted by two inns in Unzen Onsen

Two ryokans in Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki Prefecture, held interviews for hiring foreign technical intern trainees in Hanoi, Vietnam on November 22nd. Implemented in response to the increasing importance of foreign human resources due to Japan’s declining population and further expansion of inbound tourists. We decided to hire four people. After training for the next six months, he plans to come to Japan and enter a three-year training program. We interviewed

All Travel Federation Youth Group Gakukanren and Intern Program 24 people participated in Kusatsu Onsen

The Youth Group (Director Shige Hoshinaga) of the National Federation of Inns and Hotel Life Sanitation Trade Associations (Zentairen) held a joint internship project ” The 11th Young Danna and Young Proprietress Close Experience Project” was held. 24 students from Gakukanren, including J. F. Oberlin University and Meikai University, participated. In addition to engaging in business at 6 inns and hotels, I exchanged opinions with managers and employees. This article