Interior Ministry warns of 'change in social make-up' of Russia after 1 million Russians leave

The departure of more than a million Russians from Russia will lead to “structural consequences” and a “change in the social image” of the country, the Interior Ministry warned and called on the government to come up with a mechanism to “reduce the outflow” of citizens abroad. “In 2022, under the influence of changed socio-economic conditions, the migration outflow of the population of Russia abroad has intensified,” – says in

Imperial Hotel, Kyoto 'Yayaka Kaikan' is being preserved and utilized to create a new hotel under construction. Tomoyuki Sakakida appointed as interior design architect.

The Imperial Hotel announced on the 2nd that it will appoint Tomoyuki Sakakida as an architect for the interior design of a new hotel under construction while preserving and utilizing the Yasaka Kaikan in Kyoto.   ©︎New Material Research Laboratory Perspective image of the completed front entrance of the new hotel * Mr. Sakakida’s Sakaki is   Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Hideya Sadahasu) is preparing to open in

Nankai Ferry's interior decoration becomes a panda family design Realized with the cooperation of Adventure World

Adventure World (Shirahama-cho, Wakayama Prefecture) is a “Panda Ferry” commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the launch of “Ferry Ai” as part of the “Nagomi Travel Campaign 2022 with Yuttari Ferry” planned by Wakayama Prefecture and Nankai Ferry. ]will cooperate. For a limited time from October 21, 2022 (Friday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday), the interior of “Ferry Ai” will be decorated with photos and panels of the panda family and