Britain intends to ban lifting sanctions on Russia until reparations are paid to Ukraine

The UK government has submitted a bill to Parliament prohibiting lifting sanctions on Russia until the country pays reparations to Ukraine. About it informs Reuters. The law “guarantees that Russia will pay for the reconstruction of a country it recklessly attacked,” said British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley. Ukraine’s needs after the end of the war will be “enormous,” he added. The Russians who fell under the sanctions will also be

The new government of Bulgaria intends to join the EU scheme for the supply of arms to Ukraine

Until now, Bulgaria has remained one of only two EU countries (along with neutral Ireland) that have not joined the European Defense Agency (EDA). Through it, the EU countries carry out joint purchases of ammunition for Ukraine. This was partly due to internal political instability (five elections have been held in Bulgaria over the past two years), and partly to a fairly large number of politicians who sympathize with Russia.

The G7 intends to keep the price ceiling for oil from Russia at $60

The G7 countries opposed the reduction of the price ceiling for Russian oil, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing informed sources. US President Joe Biden notified the head of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen about this. Official meeting of Biden and von der Leyen took place March 10 in the Oval Office of the White House. At it, the American president told the head of the

The United States intends to confiscate the assets of billionaire Vekselberg for $ 75 million

Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams has filed a lawsuit seeking the confiscation of six apartments of Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg. He is accused of violating sanctions and money laundering. About it says on the US Department of Justice website. The value of real estate, which the billionaire acquired even before being on the sanctions list, is approximately $75 billion. Vekselberg owns two apartments on Park

The United States intends to block the import of Russian aluminum with the help of duties of 200%

The US authorities may stop the supply of Russian aluminum to the country – the states may impose a 200% duty on metal imports from Russia, writes Bloomberg, citing informed sources. So the United States intends to put pressure on Moscow in connection with the approaching anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. Such high tariffs will effectively halt Russian aluminum supplies to the US, the agency points out. The final

New US Ambassador to Russia intends to resume issuing visas

One of the goals of the new US Ambassador to Russia, Lynn Tracy, is to resume issuing US visas to Russians and increase the number of embassy staff, said US State Department spokesman Ned Price. “She will focus on embassy leadership, maintaining bilateral relations during a period of extremely high tension, and working with the Russian authorities to improve the staffing of the American embassy,” quotes his RBC. An increase

US intends to block the supply of drone components to Iran

The administration of President Joe Biden has a large task force looking into how electronic components from the United States and other Western countries end up in Iranian drones that Russia is bombing Ukraine with. About it CNN told officials familiar with the work of the group. It is composed of representatives from many departments, including from the Ministries of Defense, Justice, Commerce, Finance, and the State Department. “All aboard,”