British intelligence declares Russian claims of military success near Ugledar as "fake"

Russian military sources are deliberately spreading disinformation about the success of the Ugledar offensive to show that the Russian operation is gaining momentum, writes British intelligence in their latest report. Prior to this, the Russian side claimed that Russia had made significant progress, breaking through the Ukrainian defenses in two areas: in the Zaporozhye region near Orekhov and 100 km to the east, near Vuhledar in the Donetsk region. “Russian

US intelligence: Russia is transferring tens of thousands of mobilized under Bakhmut

The Russian military is reinforcing its positions in the Donbass, sending tens of thousands of troops into battle after months of losses. This was stated by the representative of the US military, who quotes Stars and Stripes. The recent successes of the Ukrainian military in the Bakhmut region have prompted Moscow to send reinforcements to the city. U.S. and Ukrainian officials say the UAF currently controls the city while Russian

Russian intelligence suspected of sending parcels with bombs in Spain

The Central Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry may be behind the distribution of parcels with bombs to the residence of the Spanish Prime Minister, the country’s Ministry of Defense, as well as to the US and Ukrainian embassies in Madrid, writes The New York Times citing sources among officials in the EU and the US. According to them, the Russian far-right group Russian Imperial Movement, which is supervised

US intelligence: Putin lost in Ukraine almost the entire army assembled before February 24

The number of Russian casualties in the war in Ukraine has reached 188,000 people, informs The Sun, citing US intelligence. According to the newspaper, the United States presented such a number of dead and wounded to the allies at the NATO summit, which was held on January 20 at the Ramstein airbase in southern Germany. US Army General Mark Milley acknowledged that the Russian army has already lost “a huge

The National Intelligence Service and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions...  What inertia should I cut off from?

Watching the National Intelligence Service, an intelligence agency whose life is security, openly wear the ‘National Intelligence Service’ sign on an employee’s jumper and conduct a massive search and seizure performance against the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, felt the unfamiliarity of a new generation public security organization. I also felt familiar when I saw the slogans “Condemn the suppression of public security” and “Restoration of public security rule” that

British intelligence: Russia is going to send new T-14 Armata tanks to the front

Russia is considering sending a small number of its new T-14 Armata main battle tanks to the war in Ukraine. informs British Ministry of Defense in the daily intelligence report. At the end of December 2022, T-14 Armata tanks were spotted through satellite images at a training ground in southern Russia. It was from there that the Russian army transferred equipment for deployment in Ukraine, according to British intelligence. According

Documentary 'Village of Perverts' and Han Dong-hoon / National Intelligence Service Jumper and Confiscation of Korean Confederation of Trade Unions [막장토론1.19]

Bae Sang-hoon Jeong Jong-kwon’s final debate live on 1.19 (Thursday) at 7pm ▲ Accident – Guilty in the 1st trial, not guilty in the 2nd trial – 112-119 Disaster/Crime Emergency Call Disintegration – Han Dong-hoon shows his willingness to introduce the ‘Jessica Act’ and recommends watching the documentary ▲ Preview – The National Intelligence Service’s seizure and search of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions… show? The espionage case? #Bae

National Intelligence Service, Confederation of Trade Unions Seizure and Search Execution

On the morning of the 18th, the National Intelligence Service and the police launched a search and seizure of the office of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and some industrial unions in Jeong-dong, Seoul. According to the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), a search and seizure warrant was issued for the office on the 13th floor of the Kyunghyang Shinmun building in Jeong-dong, Seoul this morning. The search

Estonian intelligence: Russia is preparing a second wave of mobilization after Christmas

The second wave of mobilization in Russia may begin after Orthodox Christmas, declared at a press conference on Friday, Estonian intelligence chief Margo Grosberg. According to him, this assessment was obtained on the basis of information from the Russian regions, signaling preparations for a new draft into the army. In particular, Grosberg gave an example, in the Krasnodar Territory an order was given to print 5,000 subpoenas for the mobilized.

"From Crimea to Donbass".  The head of intelligence of Ukraine announced a large-scale offensive of the army

New “serious offensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin in the spring, informed nHead of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov in an interview with the American television channel ABC News. According to him, in March of this year, the hostilities will be “the hottest”, after which Ukraine “will inflict a final defeat on Russia.” “This will happen throughout Ukraine, from