[2023 New Year ryokan proprietress round-table discussion]Japanese inn old kiln × Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo × Mizuorion no Yado Sansuiso × Hotel Koyanagi

Overcoming difficulties with female power Disasters continue in recent years with earthquakes, floods, and corona. However, even in such a situation, there are inn proprietresses who work energetically without losing their smiles. Here, we have gathered such proprietresses, mainly from the Tohoku region, to talk about their concerns and the role of proprietresses. Attendees were Hiroshie Sato (Kaminoyama Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture, Nihon no Yado Kogama), Noriko Abe (Minamisanriku Onsen, Miyagi

[Thoroughly attracting customers on the Internet 298]Prediction of the hotel and inn industry in 2023 Eiken Naito

In the previous issue, we looked back on 2022, but in this issue, I would like to talk about the future hotel and inn industry. As usual, the content is subjective, but please forgive me. We would like to narrow down the keywords to three this year as well, namely, “strengthening recruitment marketing,” “high added value (for the second consecutive year),” and “sustainable.” First, I would like to talk about

Japanese inn old kiln opens "private self-rory sauna x theater room x premium room with open-air bath" in March

Japanese inn Kogama will open “private self-roasted sauna x theater room x premium guest room with open-air bath” in March. Ryokan Kogama Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture, Managing Director: Taichi Sato) operates a Japanese inn Kogama, which is the first in Japan to have a self-roasted sauna, theater room, and a premium guest room with an open-air bath (name). undecided) will be opened. At Kaminoyama Onsen in Yamagata

San'in Yumura Onsen Spring Spring Inn Yuamu has started accepting reservations for 3 types of guest rooms with hot springs , which will be newly established in February 2023.

“San’in Yumura Onsen Yusen no Yado Yuamu” operated by I&F Building (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, representative Kuniharu Izumi) will open from December 14, 2022 with a new hot spring in February 2023. Reservations for the 3 types of guest rooms have started on the website. Suite Japanese modern with hot spring semi-open-air bath ■concept We propose the future style of ryokan by creating a modern, simple and sophisticated impression while

[Zenryoren 25th People-Friendly Local Inn Development Award 9]Excellence Award Kameyama Onsen Hotel

Healing and environmental retreat business by Kameyama Hot Spring Village in Chiba Prefecture Kameyama Onsen Hotel in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture aims to achieve the goals of the SDGs while creating a lively local area through the implementation of the activity “Kameyama Onsen Retreat”. The project will start in 2021. This is the use of waste wood and thinned wood produced during local forest maintenance for fire activities such as

Imperial Hotel and Dormy Inn ranked first in the 4th Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index

Japan Productivity Center The Service Industry Productivity Council announced on the 22nd that in the 4th survey of the Japanese version of the Customer Satisfaction Index, Imperial Hotel was chosen as the number one city hotel, and Dormy Inn was chosen as the number one business hotel. Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Productivity Center Service Industry Productivity Council announced on December 22nd that 7 industries (city hotels, business hotels, Suburban

Announcement of 2022 “5-star inns” and “250 popular hot spring inn hotels”

Kanko Keizai Shimbun asked travel agencies and OTAs to vote on the 36th “Japan’s Top 100 Hot Springs,” as well as the inns and hotels that represent each hot spring area. The top 250 facilities will be listed by prefecture as “250 popular hot spring inn hotels”. We are certified as “5 Stars” by winning more than 5 times in total. This article is for members. .planmark-warning{ width: 45%; float:

All Travel Federation, 26th “People-Friendly Regional Inn Creation Award”

The Federation of All Japan Ryokan and Hotel Life Sanitation Trade Associations (Zenryoren) has recently started accepting entries for the 26th “People-Friendly Local Lodging Award”. The target is inns, hotels, and inns and hotel associations nationwide, and the deadline is March 31 next year. The awards are organized and participated in by ryokans, hotels, or associations of ryokans and hotels all over the country, and are judged by a selection

Revived closed inn with recruiting ideas Ueda Bessho Onsen Kashiwaya Besso

Exploring the utilization of historic buildings Kashiwaya Besso, located in Bessho Onsen in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, opened as a hot spring inn in 1910 after going through the residence of the Ueda clan and a sake brewery during the Edo period. A 13-minute walk from Bessho-Onsen Station on the Ueda Electric Railway, this long-established inn is located in a secluded location in the hot spring town.It is a four-story

[One inch ahead is a traveler's inn town 8]Thinking about the big chorus of "the wealthy class" Koichi Kanzaki

Fuyuso, Fuyuso, and a big chorus of the public and private sectors can be heard. “Targeting the wealthy class” is a tourism strategy repeatedly advocated by David Atkinson, author of the best-selling book “The New Tourism Nation Theory”. It is a remark with inbound (foreign tourists visiting Japan) in mind. Simplifying it, it becomes such a reasoning. Rather than attracting 100 tourists with a budget of 100,000 yen for short-term