e-PASS sees poor response for tuition fee reimbursement, scholarships

e-PASS sees poor response for tuition fee reimbursement, scholarships

Hyderabad: The e-PASS website, designed for tuition fees reimbursement and scholarships, is witnessing a poor response from students. The government has set the deadline for registration to conclude by the end of December, and there will be no extension, as clarified by official circulars to various colleges.

As of now, only 2.5 lakh students have registered online, significantly below the official expectation of 12.65 lakh students for the academic year 2023-24. Officials are urging college managements to take proactive measures to ensure students register on the portal.

Every student is required to register annually on the ePASS website until the completion of their course. The application process involves submitting details to the website, and second-year students must renew their information. While colleges possess the necessary details, many are not taking sufficient action, causing a slow progression in the registration process.

Last year, the application process extended for over seven months due to various factors. Despite government warnings of no further extensions this year, student response remains underwhelming, and the deadline is approaching in 45 days.

In response to this situation, district welfare officers are issuing notices to college managements, urging them to expedite the application process and meet the specified deadline.

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