The Ministry of Defense refused to exempt people with diabetes and heart disease from mobilization

The Ministry of Defense refused to exempt people with diabetes and heart disease from mobilization

Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases will not be grounds for exemption from mobilization, said Alexander Sergoventsev, deputy head of the Main Military Medical Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry.

He stated that “everyone has chronic diseases”, therefore, the department is not going to expand the list of ailments with which one cannot serve in the army. “If we introduce diabetes into it, we will have to introduce hypertension into it. We will introduce hypertension, we will introduce coronary disease. So we will reach the point where we will not have a single soldier left, ”said Sergoventsev (quote by Interfax).

He added that in the regions they are guided by the method of medical examination from the Ministry of Defense, which “clearly states how whom to call up and who should be sent to the VVK (military medical commission).”

According to Sergoventsev, as a result of following these instructions, 40,000 people from the recruiting stations were sent to the VVK, where about 6,000 received the “D” fitness category and were not mobilized, and another 7,000 were given a deferment.

Previously, the government did not support the amendments on exemption from mobilization for those who did not serve in the army, and also opposed the armor for all entrepreneurs. The Cabinet considered the expansion of the list of categories of citizens who are entitled to a delay redundant, noting that it is already provided for a fairly large number of reasons.

President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization on 21 September. As a result, 318 thousand people were recruited for the war with Ukraine.

On May 18, the Supreme Court clarified that the periods of mobilization announced by decree, including partial ones, end only with the “date and time” of its cancellation. Thus, the mobilization cannot be considered completed.

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