One Modi brings new notes, the other Modi is demanding ban, these people are playing with the economy!

One Modi brings new notes, the other Modi is demanding ban, these people are playing with the economy!

Standing inside the Parliament, Modi ji is demanding another demonetisation. Not big, but small Modiji is now demanding new demonetisation.

Sushil Modi is talking about discontinuing the pink note of 2000 which was launched by Narendra Modi.
The new note which made Shweta Singh an expert in the chip case, they are talking about discontinuing that pink note.
The new note which made Sudhir Chowdhary an expert in nanotechnology, they are talking about discontinuing that pink note.

The new note which has made the rich richer and the poor poorer, is now demanding that the pink note be banned. Which RBI has stopped printing. Means in whose name the government has joked with you.
Now they are demanding to abolish its validity.

The question is, is it an easy task to take back such a big step? By demonetisation, sacrificing hundreds, ruining thousands, rendering lakhs jobless
By troubling crores, they are saying about the new note introduced for 125 crore brothers and sisters, take it back.

How will Prime Minister Narendra Modi take it back like this!
Did Ambani’s order come?
Did Adani’s order come?
Leave it, they are big capitalists.
Did you think of Sudhir Chaudhary?
Did Shweta Singh think?
How will you take back the new note like this!

Now both work together in the same channel.
Will make Modiji like this in anger.
Journalists who moan by saying ‘Jee Modi ji’
Will say ‘ji Modi’ or ‘Modi ji’
Will reduce one ‘g’ from front or back.
Sudhir Chowdhary has come after leaving Zee News,
But don’t think that you will stop your presence.

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Former Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi, senior BJP leader Sushil Modi, standing inside the Parliament, admitting that the new 2000 note is of no use. This should be stopped as soon as possible. Due to the fear of Narendra Modi, he probably could not say that the decision of demonetisation also failed, now the PM should apologise.

They are raising the issue of hoarding of this note, they are questioning the relevance of this note, their government has committed a historical blunder, they are not able to say this openly.

Although Sushil Modi should say something or not, it is understandable that he has political compulsion, but those who should say something, those who should question, they are not saying anything, they are not asking questions, what is their compulsion?

Remember the statements made at the time of demonetisation ₹- The people of the government were simply defending the decision of the government, but these anchors sitting on TV were going one step ahead of them.

Shweta Singh was telling about the chip in the 2000 note, about catching signals deep underground and Sudhir Chowdhary was becoming an expert in nanotechnology.

The actions of these two anchors are captured on camera, but all the anchors of all the TV channels were telling almost the same thing.
They were showing the dream of ending corruption, they were telling the decision to end black money. They were showing the roadmap to break the backbone of Naxalism and terrorism.
What happened? The results are in front of everyone.

Corruption and black money started increasing instead of decreasing.
And there was no restriction of any kind on terrorist activities. Even the new notes that were introduced after demonetisation, it is not known where crores of notes have gone.

Dainik Bhaskar has a report based on RBI data that where did 1680 crore new notes worth 9 lakh 21 thousand crore rupees go? Where did 54 crore pink notes worth Rs 1 lakh 8 thousand crore go? Where did 1626 crore 500 notes worth 8 lakh 13 thousand crores go?

According to the report, it is estimated that anonymity means that such a huge amount has now become black money? Means after demonetisation, instead of black money being eradicated, lakhs of crores of rupees have increased.

Despite such a big event. Despite this tragedy this irony. If the media people are not questioning the government. So before changing the notes, change them.

Now it is not that just pick up the remote and change the channel.
Leave the infamous anchor and catch the less infamous anchor.

People of alternative media who raise your voice.
Make it a habit to see, hear and cooperate with them.
If you yourself are aware then it is a good thing and also make people aware.

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