Stone in the new UNHRC report: ‘Don’t dictate to us

Stone in the new UNHRC report: 'Don't dictate to us

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa said that the United Nations Human Rights Council must respect the country’s sovereignty and that it has no right to dictate the Philippine government’s anti-drug campaign.

The UNHRC previously issued a report urging the Philippine government to change its “exclusively punitive approach” to the eradication of illegal drugs, noting that the proposal should be consistent with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The UNHRC also expressed concern over reports of “grave human rights violations and the extremely high number of extrajudicial killings, particularly in the context of the government’s campaigns against illegal drugs.”

While Dela Rosa admitted that she has not read the entire report, the senator reiterated that the country has a functioning justice system.

“We have our own government, I hope they don’t interfere with us. Stop dictating to us because what do they want to impose on us? We are not their subjects that they can dictate what they want to happen. They should respect our independence,” said Dela Rosa.

“We are not uneducated, uncivilized people…to dictate what they want,” the senator added.

“Please stop interfering with our internal affairs… Our people are happy with what is happening to us. Why do you insist on dictating to us what we should do,” he insisted.

Before he was elected senator, Dela Rosa led the Philippine National Police and led former President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs administration. RNA

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