Many thanks to my classmates at the University of the Philippines College of Law, especially Robinsons Bank Senior Vice President Atty. Roel Costuna, for nominating your servant as the next president of the University of the Philippines.

I honor your trust and confidence because here I will seriously consider whether to accept this challenge.

However, many thanks again to classmate Roel and the other groups that promoted the said nomination.

UP is our national university. Its procedure is stated in its charter or enabling law, Republic Act No. 9500.

According to this, the mandates of the university include the following – to be a leader in raising the quality of education in the country, to be a research, teaching and public university, to be a regional and global university, to protect the welfare of its stakeholders including faculty members and non-teaching personnel and implement a democratic system of governance in the management of the university.

UP currently consists of the following component units- UP Baguio, UP San Fernando, UP Clark, UP Diliman, UP Manila, UP Cebu, UP Tacloban, UP Iloilo, UP Mindanao and Open University.


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