Suzumo Kikou creates “disinfecting wet tissue made from rice”.Take on the challenge of upcycling

Suzumo Kikou creates "disinfecting wet tissue made from rice".Take on the challenge of upcycling

Recycle the “rice” used during the demonstration.To be distributed as a novelty

Suzumo Kiko Co., Ltd. (Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President Minako Suzuki) upcycled the rice used for product demonstrations at exhibitions and created 20,000 sterilized wet wipes made from rice. did. Starting with this initiative, we will proceed with trial proposals and initiatives to recycle the rice used in the product development process and demonstrations.

Suzumo Machinery Upcycling Challenge

“Rice” is very important to us at Suzumo Pottery, which has been promoting business activities both in Japan and overseas while staying close to Japanese food culture. We will continue to pursue whether we can effectively use such precious “rice” as an important resource to the end without wasting it. We would like to work on creating new opportunities while increasing the value of food by reducing waste as much as possible.

* “Disinfecting wet wipes made from rice” will not be sold to the general public, but will be distributed as a novelty at business activities and exhibitions.

  • Overview of the “disinfecting wet tissue made from rice” initiative

Suzumo Kiko Suzumo Kiko “Disinfecting wet tissue made from rice”

At Suzumo Machinery, we use actual cooked rice for product development and customer demonstrations. I’m here.

As we are constantly searching for ways to effectively utilize the “rice” that was used in the process, we have developed our own fermentation technology to remove non-standard products that occur during the food and beverage manufacturing process. This initiative was realized with the cooperation of Fermen Station (representative Rina Sakai), which is attracting attention for its upcycling technology and know-how.

This time, at the company-sponsored exhibition “Suzumo Fair 2022 Tokyo” held in April 2022, the rice used at the booth of the rice serving robot “Fuwarica” was used as a raw material to upcycle into sterilized wet wipes. I challenged

Rice serving robot FuwaricaRice serving robot Fuwarica


  • Upcycling process

Rice, the raw material, is fermented and distilled using Fermenstation’s unique technology, resulting in the production of ethanol and fermented lees.
Ethanol was recycled into disinfectant wet wipes, and fermented residue was recycled into feed for chickens.

Upcycling processUpcycling process

What is upcycling

Upcycling is also called creative reuse. Unlike reuse and recycling, upcycling is used to dispose of waste, by-products, and other things that have not been effectively utilized in the past. Converting into high-value products with various ideas and methods, and circulating them in society.

  • How to use “disinfecting wet tissue made from rice”

We plan to distribute it as a novelty in business activities and exhibitions.
● Main exhibitions scheduled for distribution

SUZUMO FAIR 2022 SENDAI [Opening date: October 26 (water) ~ 27 (wood), 2022]
West Japan Food Industry Creative Exhibition ’22 [Opening date: November 16 (Water) ~ 18 (Gold), 2022]
3rd Food Tech Week Tokyo [Opening date: December 7th (Water) ~ 9th (Gold), 2022]

Exhibition information of Suzumo Pottery:

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