Started sales of JI accident and fire insurance and online overseas travel insurance

Started sales of JI accident and fire insurance and online overseas travel insurance

JI Accident and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President Kazuhiko Kaneko) has expanded its product and service content and utilized the web as an insurance product for overseas travel, which is expected to fully recover from the impact of the new coronavirus infection. The new overseas travel insurance “Web Overseas Travel Insurance”, which is based on application-less contract procedures and web-completed insurance claims, will be sold from contracts that start insurance after December 1, 2022.

The number of overseas travelers exceeded 20 million in 2019 at its peak, and while overseas travel has become one of the main ways to spend leisure time, various troubles can occur overseas, unlike the environment in Japan. There is no end to the cases of being involved in
In overseas travel insurance, due to the complexity of conventional paper-based procedures (contract procedures using insurance application forms, insurance claim procedures using insurance claim forms, etc.), people have lost their intention to enroll and have been uninsured due to incomplete entries. There is a high risk that travelers, etc., will be seriously disadvantaged if In addition, with the spread of the new coronavirus infection from 2019, customers’ sense of crisis has increased, and the needs for digitalization and contactless have increased further.
In order to respond to diversifying customer needs, the company has developed “Web Overseas Travel Insurance” as a new overseas travel insurance that makes effective use of the Internet.

In its medium-term management plan, the company aims to become a “value innovator in travel insurance and fire insurance” in 2025. We will continue to take on the challenge of providing flexible solutions and work toward the realization of a sustainable society through our insurance business.

Web overseas travel insuranceOverview of

(1) Overview of products and services
We have developed the following based on the risk segmentation type overseas travel insurance for specific procedures that is currently being sold as the online overseas travel insurance “t@biho Tabiho”.
・Expansion of scope of coverage, establishment of comprehensive coverage rider and revision of insurance premium rate
Reflecting customer feedback and requests from insurance agents that sell overseas travel insurance, we have expanded the scope of coverage for each coverage item, and created a comprehensive coverage type that integrates multiple coverage items. As a special contract, we will start selling a new product “ATTEND ATEND” that packages and compensates for various risks surrounding overseas travel.
・New local rush service
In addition to the current Ji Desk overseas service, our support staff will rush to the customer when there is a problem at the destination, so that customers who have a contract with “ATTEND Atendo” can enjoy their trip with peace of mind. We will provide support (when a prescribed insurance event occurs in 36 overseas cities where Ji Desk is installed)

(2) Paperless contract procedures
・Web application procedure
The web-only overseas travel insurance “t@biho Tabiho” site, which has been patronized by customers, has been completely renewed and reborn as a more user-friendly website.
・Application procedures at an insurance agency
When applying for our overseas travel insurance at an insurance agency such as a travel agency, we ask the customer to fill out and sign an insurance application form, and based on the information entered, the insurance agency will registration, receipt of insurance premiums, and issuance of insurance policy certificates. In the past, paper insurance applications were inconvenient for customers and burdened insurance agents with clerical work.
In “Web Overseas Travel Insurance,” we have introduced a system that utilizes the Web for these procedures via SMS or email, realizing paperless contract procedures, thereby improving convenience for customers and reducing clerical work for insurance agents. made it possible to reduce the load. In addition, when contracting with some travel agencies such as JTB, by linking travel application data with insurance application data, the number of items to be entered by customers has been minimized and convenience has been further improved. .

(3) Web-based insurance claims
With a few exceptions, our company generally adopts the method of requesting the customer to submit the insurance claim form together with the necessary documents after making a report over the phone. Preparation and mailing time were very complicated and difficult to understand.
With “Web Overseas Travel Insurance,” we have achieved paperless and online completion of insurance claim procedures. The insurance claim site has adopted an interactive system that allows customers to input information, so it will be possible to easily proceed with the claim procedure without omissions, and it is expected that the number of days required to pay the insurance claim will be shortened. .

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