More than P6.7B shabu seized in Manila!

More than P6.7B shabu seized in Manila!

MANILA, Philippines- Authorities confiscated nearly 990 kilograms of suspected shabu with an estimated value of over P6.7 billion following a series of anti-drug operations in Manila this weekend.

In a press conference, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Benhur Abalos said that what was seized in the anti-illegal drug operation is possibly the largest amount in the country’s history.

“Of course, this is because of the campaign of our President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. His instruction to the PNP [Philippine National Police] and DILG the important thing is to get the big ones like this,” said Abalos.

PNP Drug Enforcement Group Director Police Brigadier General Narcisco Domingo said that the first operation was launched at around 4:45 in the afternoon on Jose Abad Santos Street in Barangay 252, Tondo, Manila, where the 50-year-old suspect was arrested. Ney Saligumba Atadero.

During the interrogation, Atadero revealed that the illegal drugs were hidden inside an office at the lending firm Wealth and Personal Development Lending Inc. in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Another operation was conducted this Monday morning where another individual named by the suspect was arrested. Domingo announced that Police Master Sergeant Rodolfo Mayo was arrested at the Quezon Bridge in Quiapo, Manila around 2:30 in the morning on October 9.

Mayo is an intelligence officer for the PNP Drug Enforcement Group, based on police records. He currently has no statement about the incident.

“After the operation, we got evidence of the involvement of a police officer. Approximately two kilos of shabu worth P13.6 million were recovered from the said policeman after our hot pursuit operation,” said Domingo.

“We also got his IDs, his transaction receipts and other personal notes where his transactions were written,” Domingo continued.

“Actually, apart from his real name, he has another ID with a different name. .”,” Domingo said.

Authorities also recovered the gun inside his car.

In this regard, police operatives also arrested one Juden Francisco and seven others in Pasig City.

Francisco is a “high-value” drug suspect and is said to be the fourth most wanted in Northern Mindanao, according to Domingo.

“Juden Francisco was with his seven men who initially said that Juden was not there then eventually we found out that Juden was there so his bodyguard was complicit in the obstruction of justice… they also have different cases,” Domingo explained. .

Meanwhile, PNP chief Police General Rodlfo Azurin Jr. said. that they will not tolerate wrongdoing by the police under his leadership.

“There will be no let-up. We don’t care who gets caught and who gets hurt for as long as we will get the evidence in any crime. We will pursue them until the end. We expect the arrest of our police officer, who is still a colleague of PDEG, is a huge breakthrough for your police force, that this is an example that [This capture of a police officer, a member of the PDEG, is a huge breakthrough for the police and an example that] we don’t tolerate and will not tolerate any wrongdoing of any policeman under my watch, and of course under the watch of our DILG Secretary,” giit niya.

Azurin said that Mayo’s lending business is a “legal front” for the drug trade.

“Actually, we found out that there is a dump of drugs that they sell to their various users and clients. I would believe and assume that this is not just at Mayo’s level,” said Azurin Jr.

Mayo is currently in the custody of the authorities and a complaint is being prepared against him and other suspects, according to Azurin Jr. RNT/SA

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