Intense search for suspected Stockton serial killer continues

Intense search for suspected Stockton serial killer continues

(NewsNation) — The search for the suspected Stockton serial killer continues. The assailant is tied to at least six murders with a seventh victim escaping his grasp.

Stockton Police told NewsNation on Sunday that they have no investigation updates. They have been throughout the community this weekend offering safety tips to residents and reminding them of the $125,000 prize.

A string of murders has rocked the city of Stockton in California. Six of the dead with police said they were connected via ballistic evidence.

Authorities believe this could be the work of a serial killer. Five of the murders took place in Stockton and one in Oakland between April 2021 and September 27 this year.

Some of those killed were homeless. The majority of the victims were Latinos. However, police do not believe there is enough evidence at this point to label this a hate crime.

However, the attacks have some similarities in them. Most of the killings took place in the dark or in the early hours of the morning.

Natasha LaTour is the only known survivor of a suspected serial killer. He described the moment in April 2021 when he was attacked like this:

“The train started to approach me. I mean I’m on the side, and then a guy comes around the corner or whoever comes around the corner, and they’ve got a gun out and they just started shooting,” LaTour said.

LaTour was reportedly living in a homeless camp when he was shot 10 times by what he believed to be the Stockton serial killer.

Kevin Lincoln, mayor of Stockton, say murder in his town “terrorizing” Stockton.

“There are unidentified individuals out there who are wreaking havoc and must be stopped,” Lincoln said. “We have to do everything we can to catch this individual or individuals, and that’s what we are doing now.”

Stockton Police released surveillance footage of the person they had an interest in the murder. Investigators asked residents if they knew anything to say. The prize in this case has increased to $125,000.

Anyone with information about the series of murders is urged to call the Stockton Police Department phone number at (209) 937-8167 or email Tips can also be mailed to Stockton Crime Stoppers at (209) 946-0600.

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