Implementation of JAL Group Zero CO2 Emissions Charter

Implementation of JAL Group Zero CO2 Emissions Charter

On November 18, the JAL Group will operate Japan’s first “Sustainable Charter Flight” with virtually zero CO2 emissions on the Tokyo/Haneda-Okinawa/Naha route. The slogan is “Let’s all go to a sustainable future.” Taking on the challenge of co-creating a “sustainable future journey” with customers, companies, and local communities.

The group aims to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, making all flights sustainable and making efforts to transform air travel into a value to be proud of.

The charter flight is an opportunity to see, learn, and experience sustainability while coming into contact with the people and local culture of Okinawa, which is rich in nature and climate, and has a culture rooted in tradition. I want to create a trip that will make you happy.”

In charter flights, while considering the future of society together with people, companies, and communities on board, we will reduce CO2 emissions, eliminate plastic, reduce food loss, promote D&I, and contribute to regional revitalization, thereby achieving virtually zero CO2 emissions. do.

Tickets for this flight are also on sale.

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