Hontiveros yelled at PBBM: De Lima, release him!

Hontiveros yelled at PBBM: De Lima, release him!

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Risa Hontiveros asked President Bongbong Marcos Jr. to release former Senator Leila De Lima, which is the “legal and moral” thing to do.

This was after De Lima was taken hostage inside his cell at the PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

De Lima survived but three hostage-takers were killed and a police officer was also wounded.

“Imagine at the national headquarters of our national police something like this could happen to him. This is beyond the PNP so I really call on the new administration, the President, to do the morally and legally right thing and release Sen Leila,” Hontiveros said.

Hontiveros said he is studying the filing of a corresponding resolution to investigate the hostage-taking of De Lima requesting an explanation from the Philippine National Police on how the “barbaric and despicable” incident happened inside the facility that should is maximum security.

“It is possible that we will still inquire, investigate what happened to him so that this should not happen again to him or any other detainee and that’s it, beyond any explanation, findings, recommendations, right? because this is the last in the series that has not been powerfully done to him in the past half a decade, he should be let go,” said Hontiveros.

“It should really be determined who or who should be responsible for that, immediately identify and hold accountable to the law all those involved in this incident, so we demand an explanation and a thorough investigation about this incident by the PNP and then by the DOJ,” he added. he.

Hontiveros also wanted the PNP to explain if an armed detainee entered De Lima’s cell but his visitors could not enter.

“We need answers, isn’t it very difficult for Sen Leila to visit her, even on her last birthday, how the armed detainee can easily gain access to her cell that is deep inside the PNP national headquarters,” he insisted. .

“It’s hard to get a visitor, why did this person come to him? What lapses in security must be addressed? And most of all, who is responsible? This breach of duty is really deplorable,” he added. Ernie Reyes

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