Heart’s Hollywood invasion, just exag!

Heart's Hollywood invasion, just exag!

Hollywood, USA -Making mountains out of mole hills.

The press release of Heart Evangelista’s camp is said to be so exag but OA that it has already penetrated Hollywood.

This is said to be through Bling Empire.

Because many thought it was a movie.

But truth is, it’s an American reality television series which tells of Asian-Americans living in Los Angeles, California.

It is said that Heart’s exposure there was not long either.

Because in fact, her character pops in its Season 3 and the 9th episode.

Heart gets to appear for just two minutes and his Fil-Am friend Kane Lim is in the scene.

But let’s face it, whether it’s a film or series, whether the exposure of the fashionista actress in Bling Empire is long or short, it can be the beginning of bigger things coming her way.

Apparently, that was just the point of entry for Heart who appeared at the taping accompanied by a Filipino designer.

In fairness, consistent daw si Heart with not sharing anything about her marriage to Senator Chiz Escudero on the set.

As in her lips were sealed daw.

On the one hand, his two-minute exposure in the series is also good.

Because if he is a star or second lead there, what about his acting career here? Ronnie Carrasco III

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