Grand opening of The Beach Resort Sesoko Hilton Club

Grand opening of The Beach Resort Sesoko Hilton Club

The Beach Resort Sesoko Hilton Club opened on the 4th.

Hilton Grand Vacations (NYSE: HGV, hereafter HGV), an industry-leading global vacation ownership company, will open a timeshare resort “The Beach Resort Sesoko Hilton Club” on Sesoko Island, Okinawa Prefecture in October 2022. A grand opening ceremony was held on Tuesday, April 4th.

The Beach Resort Sesoko Hilton Club is the second timeshare resort in Japan owned by Hilton Grand Vacations. Sesoko Island is a remote island that floats beyond the main island of Okinawa and is connected to the main island by the Sesoko Ohashi Bridge, so it can be reached by car from Naha Airport. With good access to natural caves and cultural heritage sites, you can enjoy a vacation surrounded by the untouched nature of Yanbaru, just a 5-minute walk from Sesoko Beach, which has outstanding transparency and whiteness even in Okinawa, which boasts a beautiful sea. You can have a good time. We opened some guest rooms in October 2021, and held a ceremony to commemorate the first anniversary of the grand opening.

Mark Wang, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Grand Vacations said: “We not only welcome visitors with excellent hospitality, but also become a good citizen of the local community and take the initiative in protecting the natural environment. As a member of Motobu Town, which is my hometown, I would like to work on the future of our children, nature conservation, and the revitalization of the town, and grow together.”

HGV offers the “Okinawa Premium Pass” so that you can enjoy your vacation in Okinawa even more. “Okinawa Premium Pass” is a service that cooperates with local companies in Okinawa and allows you to use meals, activities, shops, etc.

In addition, at The Beach Resort Sesoko and the Hilton Club, we offer a variety of activity programs such as yoga, Okinawan folk song live performances, and sanshin lessons on-site to support a fulfilling vacation.

HGV will cooperate with local companies and organizations from the soft opening in October 2021, so that everyone who stays can enjoy their vacation, and at the same time, tourism will lead to further development and revitalization of Motobu Town and Sesoko Island. We are doing

As a new resident of Sesoko Island in Motobu Town, we will continue to donate to the “Motobu Town Child and Childcare Yuimaru Fund” to support the future of the children living in the town. In addition, since June 2022, we have been donating various items every day from the owners to the food donations that have been implemented in the resort facilities. The collected food will be donated to the Okinawa Mother’s Square Yui Heart, which supports the independence of single-parent families and the healthy growth of children.” will be donated to the Motobu-cho office. In addition, # Naha Airport Jinbei Campaign (, we are also working on activities to protect the natural environment of Motobu Town.

While respecting the tradition and culture of Okinawa, this facility has been finished in a modern atmosphere. We would like to make it a destination full of rich and beautiful nature and even more vitality so that you will come back as your second home.

■ Facility overview

Facility name: The Beach Resort Sesoko Hilton Club
Address: 1081-4 Sesoko, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0227
Number of rooms: 140 rooms (studios, 1-3 bedroom suites)
In-room facilities: Modern-style furniture and furnishings
Balcony leading to living room and bedroom
flat TV/stereo
wireless internet
Oven/IH cooktop
Hilton special bed set
Dressing table/toilet seat with warm water bidet
Washer/dryer (except studio)
Facilities: Private pool for guests
Formula HP:

Contact: 0120-805-824
(Month to Gold 9:00 am to 7:00 pm / Earth, Sun and Holidays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

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