Former PBB housemate filed cyberlibel against Rosmar

Former PBB housemate filed cyberlibel against Rosmar

MANILA, Philippines – Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Glenda Victorio filed a multiple cyber libel case and unjust vexation against the owner of Rosmar Skin Essentials at the Quezon City Prosecutors Office this morning, October 10.

According to the more than 60-page complaint affidavit, the complainant, Glenda Victorio, 25-years-old, owner of the beauty line Brilliant Skin of Manhattan Parkview Condominium Cubao, QC, said that she filed such a case against the respondent, Rosemarie Tan- Pamulaklakin aka “Rosemar” “Rosmar” of Rosmar Skin Essentials because his family is said to be affected by its online vandalism.

According to Victorio’s affidavit, Tan-Pamulaklakin’s alleged ‘malicious’ and ‘defamatory’ comments against him on social media are not good and are damaging his character.

In relation to this, the complicant said that Tan-Pamulaklakin’s involvement in his family and apparently his threats are not below the belt.

He said that if Tan-Pamulaklakin apologized to him, he would not give it because of the severe impact of his slander on him and his family on social media.

Meanwhile, according to the complainant, he does not know of any reason for Tan’s scoial media to defame him and he does not know the character of the accused.

In this regard, the complainant’s lawyer, Atty. Gabriel Ilaya of Tungol Tan Fordan Law Office, that they have sufficient evidence to press the accused Tan-Pamulaklakin to the case. Santi Celario

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