Effective nat’l ID system required in SIM Card Registration law – telco

Effective nat'l ID system required in SIM Card Registration law – telco

MANILA, Philippines – Telecommunications companies have called for the rollout of the national identification system to be accelerated in conjunction with the enactment of the SIM Card Registration Act.

According to Globe Telecom Inc., they support this move and are ready to assist the government in making implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

“We support the passage of this measure after previous roadblocks and we are ready to comply,” ani Globe general counsel Froilan Castelo.

“Aside from our advanced cybersecurity capabilities, we welcome a new regulatory environment that has stronger safeguards against cyberthreats and other crimes carried out using mobile phones,” dagdag pa niya.

Despite this, Castelo also stressed that the purpose of SIM registration will be ignored if only any ID is passed on or used.

“For this reason, our position has been clear from the beginning, a national ID system must be in place to ensure the safe and successful implementation of this new law,” aniya.

This is also the sentiment of DITO Telecommunity Corp.’s chief technology officer Rodolfo Santiago who expressed the importance of the national ID system.

“We have mentioned in previous statements that it will greatly help if both the national ID system and the passport system will be used as the validation of the identity of the subscriber,” ani Santiago.

“Doing so will unburden the telcos of the need to establish another database to store biometrics data, which would be time consuming and resource heavy,” dagdag niya.

PLDT Inc. currently has no comments. and Smart Communications Inc. in this matter. RNT/JGC

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