DHS sees 500% increase in smuggling arrests

DHS sees 500% increase in smuggling arrests

(NewsNation) — The US Department of Homeland Security announced that it had seen a 500 percent increase in migrant smuggling arrests.

In the latest incident, 21 undocumented persons were found in three separate people-smuggling incidents in Arizona’s Tucson sector. In one incident six people were found hiding under a secure cover in the back of a pickup truck. Elsewhere, the driver is an armed US citizen, and elsewhere, the driver is an armed US citizen.

Meanwhile, in Texas, a Department of Public Safety cop stopped a work truck south of Corpus Christi and the driver and 15 undocumented people jumped out and ran, the agency reported. The truck is equipped with a secret compartment to hide people.

In Maverick County, which includes the Eagle Pass area, DPS tried to stop the gravel hauler and the chase began. The driver finally stopped and saved himself, running towards the bush; 17 migrants found in trailer

This all comes as a DHS-led effort, under the Biden Administration’s “Counter-Smuggling” campaign, has made over 5,000 arrests since April.

The Border Patrol told NewsNation that many of the people smuggled in were from Mexico or the Northern Triangle. They knew they would be returned to Mexico under Title 42, so they believed being smuggled was their only chance to get into the US.

There are at least five more people on the Border Patrol’s Most Wanted list. The five are suspected of being linked to transnational criminal organizations and their photos will be displayed on flyers and billboards on both sides of the border as part of the se busca por tráfico de personas information-seeking initiative.

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