Change in OPS, expect – Garafil

Change in OPS, expect – Garafil

MANILA, Philippines- Change should be expected in the Office of the Press Secretary (OPS).

In an interview, Garafil said that he will meet with other OPS officials to discuss the operation of the said office.

“Just now we will have a formal meeting on the operations of the OPS. So let’s see but definitely you’ll see some changes in the coming days,” according to Garafil.

It can be recalled that last week Atty was summoned. Garafil by President Marcos and there he was offered the seat.

“Last week he called me, and he said he needed someone from OPS to help and he offered me the OIC position, I said yes, of course…” according to Garafil.

On the other hand, it is not a big deal for Garafil if his status is only Officer in Charge (OIC) in the Office of the Press Secretary (OPS).

According to Garafil, he recognized the “trust and confidence” placed in him by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for the purpose of OPS.

“Actually what about me, it doesn’t matter if I am an OIC or a full-pledged Secretary… what is important to me, what is important to me, is the trust and confidence that our President gave us, that he gave us the opportunity and trust to help our OPS,” he added.

The Chief Executive mentioned that he needed someone who could help in such an office, which he immediately accepted.

While just this past Thursday, the Chief Executive announced that the person he will assign to OPS is a friend of the media and a media practitioner who is knowledgeable in messaging.

Atty. Garafil is a former TV reporter and print journalist in addition to being a lawyer and also served as Chief of Staff to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Chris Joseph

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