Bea, praying for Lolit!

Bea, praying for Lolit!

Manila, Philippines – Almost all netizens and even Bea Alonzo (apparently) are aware of Lolit Solis’ criticisms.

If others call the veteran columnist, “Bea’s Ultimate Basher”.

Lolit’s criticism of Bea will not go away every time she gets the chance, especially on her Instagram account. The second one, never cut.

But for the first time, the actress spoke about Lolit.

Not to answer her bashing but to let her know that she has a lot of respect for Lolit and is praying for her health.

In addition to this, the actress does not seem to be affected because she does not read Lolit’s writings, she only learns from people who tell her.

“I respect her so much, although we’ve never met, we’ve never been introduced or spoke to each other.

“I heard she’s sick and I especially won’t answer, I’ll carry that as if it’s a heavy burden.

“Let’s just stay positive. I will sincerely pray for her healing and for her to get well soon,” said Bea.

Many saluted Bea because of her calmness despite the bashing that she received from Lolit.

Will this make Lolit stop from bashing her? Hmmmm. Paula Jonabelle Ignacio

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