Aichi Transportation Ticket MaaS App Nagoya Railroad

Aichi Transportation Ticket MaaS App Nagoya Railroad

Nagoya Railway will collaborate with Aichi Rapid Transit and Aichi Loop Railway this fall to handle digital tickets for “Linimo” and “Aichi Loop Railway” with “CentX Web Ticket” in the area version MaaS application “CentX” provided by the company. start.

This initiative is to cooperate with the “demonstration experiment for social implementation of MaaS” conducted by Aichi Prefecture in the area, mainly in the eastern hills of Nagoya. We will contribute to the realization of local public transportation that supports the “new lifestyle” such as dispersing and avoiding congestion, smooth and efficient movement of local residents and visitors, and revitalization of the local economy.

The company said, “We will deepen cooperation with partners in Aichi Prefecture and promote ‘collaboration and collaboration with various partners in the region’ in the company’s area version MaaS concept.”

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