Abortion scandal deepens for Senate candidate Herschel Walker

Abortion scandal deepens for Senate candidate Herschel Walker

(NewsNation) — With one more month until Georgian voters go to the polls in the state’s critical Senate race, the abortion scandal deepening Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

According to new reports from The Daily Beast and the New York Times, the woman who claims Walker paid her to have an abortion in 2009 says she also urged him to have an abortion. ending second pregnancy two years later. He chose to have their son instead, and their relationship ended, according to the Times report.

Walker, the former football star who said in May he supported a full abortion ban, without exception, denied reports earlier this week about paying for abortions.

“It’s here, this abortion is fake, it’s a lie,” Walker said denying the report.

Republican leaders including Rick Scott of Florida, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the RNC, have backed Walker despite the accusations, all knowing what hangs in the balance.

The Georgia race between Walker and Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is one of, if not the most, the Senate’s most critical and competitive midterm rivalry – and could decide which party has control of the house.

NewsNation to broadcast exclusive live national coverage debate next week on October 14 between Walker and Warnock, from 7-8 PM ET.

To some voters in Georgia, Walker’s accusations seem unlikely to shake their support.

“I believe that Herschel may have done some things in his past that he may regret, but I believe he repented of these things,” said Georgia voter Joanna Johnson.

Georgian voter Grace Lariscy will be disappointed if Walker doesn’t admit it.

“That will change. Not the fact that he did, but the fact that he didn’t admit it,” she said. “That would change how I feel about him. I’m not sure it will change my feelings about him enough to change my political leanings, but I would be very disappointed.”

Walker appears destined to run despite the drama, pointing fingers at his political opponents and remaining confident he will win on November 7.

“Democrats really need this chair. This chair is important,” he said. “They really need this chair. I love my family and I have always loved my family. I will win this race.”

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