Tony Boy throws back to Osang!

Tony Boy throws back to Osang!

Manila, Philippines – One of the movies that actor/producer Tony Boy dela Rea will never forget is the 2009 Seioo Films movie, Kirot 2 where he was cast along with Rosanna Roces and Gardo Versoza.

How is it, Tony Boy was trying to be linked to Osang but many did not know that he was already married at that time.

In DZRH’s Morly Alinio’s interview with Tony Boy, he reminisced about his past with Osang.

“At that time, what I knew was, Tito (Molina) was Osang’s husband, so even though they were teasing me, I didn’t date her.

“Then I always think about my ex girlfriend that until now, I still can’t move on,” said Tony.

Tony Boy couldn’t stop himself from throwing back to his other memories with Osang.

According to Tony Boy, Osang Ngunut was always a joker and a mischievous person who was good at getting along with fellow artists and the production crew.

“Osang, he always joked on the set. He’s always smiling but he’s famous, he talks to everyone. It’s great to be with him so the actors and the production crew are close to him,” Tony Boy said.

Tony Boy’s dream movie that he also produced, Paghilom directed by Danni Ugali, is now finished. The movie was shot entirely in Silang, Cavite, Tony Boy’s hometown. Also with him in the movie are Joshua de Guzman, Jobert Belbis, and former beauty queen Jane Umali.

Tony Boy said: “I was very touched by the father and son scene with Joebert. I was thinking at the scene of my close first cousin who was also a soldier who died in the encounter,” he said.

Paghilom is under Cine Silang Productions. J. P. Ignatius

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