JR East and VTS hold study session “Stacon Tohoku” at major stations in six Tohoku prefectures

JR East and VTS hold study session "Stacon Tohoku" at major stations in six Tohoku prefectures

On the 18th, JR East and JR East View Tourism & Sales (VTS) held a workshop “STACON TOHOKU” to tackle local issues together with business operators and students active in the region at “Eki-Tabi Concierge” in six prefectures of Tohoku. ” begins. During the period from October to December, three seminars and presentations of results were held at each location. Aiming to create a sustainable community.

The name STACON TOHOKU is a coined word that combines STATION (station), STUDY (learn), CONNECT (connecting), and Ekitabi Concierge. Workshops will be held at the station tabi concierge on the theme of solving local issues and revitalizing the region.

In the first workshop, Daisuke Sato, representative of the Tohoku Arrangers, which contributes to regional revitalization mainly in Aomori Prefecture, will serve as facilitator, and participants will discuss the basics of marketing within the theme.

Seminars and results presentations will be held as follows.

■ Part 1 ・Basic knowledge of “marketing” and “station travel concierge”
October 18 (Aomori, Sendai) ▽ October 24 (Akita, Morioka) ▽ October 31 (Yamagata, Fukushima)

■ Part 2: Deep digging into consumer (traveler) needs and searching for the seeds of local attractions
November 7 (Sendai, Aomori) ▽ November 15 (Morioka, Akita) ▽ November 21 (Fukushima, Yamagata)

■ 3rd ・Commercialization of Regional Appeal -Regional Appeal x Making Consumer Needs a Reality-
November 28 (Aomori, Sendai) ▽ December 6 (Akita, Morioka) ▽ December 12 (Yamagata, Fukushima)

■ Results presentation
December 19th (online)

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