[Data]Taiwanese Hong Kongers’ Attitude Survey on Travel to Japan

[Data]Taiwanese Hong Kongers' Attitude Survey on Travel to Japan

On September 28th, the Geely Media Group announced the results of the “Awareness Survey on Travel to Japan” among Taiwanese from Hong Kong.

Geely Media Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Branch: Taipei, Taiwan City, Representative Director: Koichi Yoshida) conducted an “Awareness Survey on Travel to Japan” on the web for Taiwanese Hong Kongers (traditional Chinese speaking countries) who are users of this site, and 4,784 people responded. I got

On September 22nd, 2022, with the announcement of the lifting of the ban on acceptance of individual travel by foreign tourists from October 11th, the search volume for “Japan Free Travel (Japanese individual travel)” is soaring in Taiwan and Hong Kong. (Quoted from GoogleTrend 2017/10/1~2022/9/24)

Of the more than 31.88 million tourists who visited Japan in 2019 (before COVID-19), more than 4.89 million from Taiwan and more than 2.29 million from Hong Kong visited Japan.homeMore than 80% “twice or more”more than 40%(less than 50%)is “4 times or more”i am visiting japanRepeater rate is by far the highest compared to other countries 1is. again,Majority of travelers are independent travelers (FIT)Therefore, the range of its activities is expanding. Therefore, this time, we conducted this survey in order to find out where Taiwanese and Hong Kong visitors to Japan are going, just before the ban on travel is about to be lifted.
(Source: 2019 Number of Visitors to Japan (Japan National Tourism Organization) / Consumption Trend Survey for Foreigners Visiting Japan (Japan Tourism Agency))

After the ban is liftedThe prefecture you want to visit is “Hokkaido”1 bit!Tohoku and Shikoku for advanced repeaters・Niigata Nagano

The place I want to go after the ban is lifted is NorthKaido ranked first (58.6%), Tokyo ranked second (42.8%)、Kyotois 3rd (41.3%)

Respondents who have visited Japan 2 to 5 times (hereafter referred to as repeater beginners) are the golden route, with Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Kyoto in top 3, Osaka in 4th place (37.3%), and Okinawa prefecture in 5th place (34.7%). While votes were gathered forRespondents who have visited Japan more than 6 times (hereinafter referred to as advanced repeaters)4Aomori Prefecture (31.7%) ranked in
senior repeaterBeginner repeaterCompared tohigh.+9.8 points (Aomori Prefecture),+7.8 points (Iwateprefecture)+10.4Point (Akita Prefecture)+8.3 points (Yamagata Prefecture), +6.2Points (Miyagi Prefecture), +3.2 points (Fukushima Prefecture)
Shikoku regionToSimilarly, compared to repeater beginners,Tokushima Prefecture+6.6point,Kagawa prefecture +7.7 points, Kochi prefecture +7.7 points, Ehime prefecture+6.4As a result with a point difference

In other areas, the area where advanced repeaters had a difference of 5 points or more compared to beginner repeaters wasNiigata Prefecture (+6.6 points)and Nagano Prefecture (+5.1 points)

As I become a repeat visitor to Japan,People tend to want to extend their legs to the rural areas of Japan.Ru
coronacompared to before,Prolonged travel to JapanorIncrease in consumption due to yen depreciationis expected.

Number of samples: 4,784 in total
Research Subject: Geely Media Group
Survey target: Taiwanese Hong Kongers
Research method: Internet research in “Rachigo! Japan”
Survey period: Monday, August 15, 2022 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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from now onvisit to Japanconsumption planconcerningtrends 

Q. How many nights are you planning for your next trip to Japan? (single answer)
*The figures for 2019 are quoted from the Consumption Trend Survey for Foreigners Visiting Japan (Japan Tourism Agency).

from now onof visitors to Japan

Q. Which prefecture would you like to travel to in Japan after the ban is lifted? (multiple answers) n=4784

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