[Data]Fact-finding report on the lodging industry

[Data]Fact-finding report on the lodging industry

On September 28, Dive announced the “Accommodation Industry Fact-Finding Report,” which surveyed 160 ryokan and hotel operators.

Dive Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kiyoshi Shoji, hereinafter referred to as Dive), which conducts staffing and introduction business to about 4000 accommodation facilities nationwide, will announce the “Accommodation Industry Fact-Finding Report”.

Half a year has passed since the relaxation of immigration restrictions in March 2022, three months have passed since the drastic relaxation of border measures from June, and from October 11th, the daily limit on the number of people entering the country will be abolished, and the number of people from countries such as South Korea will be lifted. The Japan Tourism Agency announced on September 26 that it will accept individual travelers without a visa. In Japan as well, it was decided that the “National Travel Support (National Travel Discount)”, a measure to stimulate demand for travel across prefectures, will also be implemented from October 11, and the recovery trend is strengthening in the lodging industry as a whole. increase.

Under these circumstances, we collected opinions from the field about the current situation where tourism demand is recovering due to the labor shortage, which is also one of the issues in the lodging industry, and future expectations and concerns. In addition to raising a proposal, aiming to revitalize the industry as a whole, this time, 160 inn and hotel operators who are members of the National Federation of Inns and Hotels Life Sanitation Trade Associations, in which unions from 47 prefectures nationwide participate, will participate in the federation. We conducted a fact-finding survey of the accommodation industry in collaboration with

■Summary of survey results

1. Compared to 2021, more than 80% of businesses answered that the number of domestic guests has increased.

2. Approximately 10% of the respondents felt uneasy about the “National Travel Assistance” starting on October 11 and the planned “Restart of the GoTo Travel Campaign,” while about 80% said they were looking forward to it. There are many opinions.

3. Approximately 90% of ryokan and hotel operators feel a labor shortage, but more than half of them are not hiring foreigners.

4. As for the impression of specific skilled workers, more than half of the respondents answered that they are “capable of securing human resources and ready to work”, which was the highest result.

5. Less than 10% of businesses answered that they “do not understand well” about specific skilled workers. Despite the recognition of many lodging businesses, only 160 people with specific skills in the lodging field are employed nationwide.


The accommodation industry, which had been in a slump due to the impact of the new coronavirus, seems to be calming down, with more than 80% of ryokan and hotel operators responding that the number of domestic guests has increased compared to 2021. caught. As a result, about 80% of business operators are expecting “National travel support” and “GoTo travel campaign restart”. On the other hand, about 90% of business operators still feel the labor shortage problem, which is expected to worsen.

Under these circumstances, the current situation is that employment of foreign human resources is not progressing unless more than half of the companies have hired foreign human resources. For example, although more than 90% of the respondents answered that they understood the status of residence “Specified Skilled Worker System,” which was established with the aim of resolving the labor shortage, even now, three years after its establishment, It can be seen that there is a possibility that utilization in the field is not actively progressing.

1.More than 80% of businesses answered that the number of domestic guests increased

2.Approximately 80% of respondents expect “National travel support” and “GoTo travel campaign restart”

*This survey was conducted prior to the announcement by the Japan Tourism Agency regarding the nationwide travel support from October 11th.

3.About 90% of ryokan and hotel operators feel a labor shortage, but more than half do not hire foreigners.

Four. Regarding specific skilled workers, the largest number of ryokan and hotel operators think that “there are few Japanese applicants, so I want to hire them to secure human resources” and “I want to hire people who are ready to work.”

Five.Less than 10% of the respondents answered that they “do not understand well (I do not understand well in the first place)” about specific skilled workers
It can be said that more than 90% of businesses are aware of specific skills to some extent.

Reference: Employment status of specific skilled workers in the lodging industry

According to the Immigration Bureau’s preliminary figures as of the end of June 2022, the number of people employed in the lodging industry for specified skilled workers will remain at 160, which is a small number compared to other fields such as nursing care and construction, where acceptance is progressing.

* Excerpt from the Immigration and Immigration Services Agency “Number of foreigners with specific skills as of the end of June 2022 Summary version”

Among lodging operators, despite recognition of specific skills being more than 90%, the following factors are considered to be the reasons why employment is low.

(1) Complexity of the system, large amount of recruitment and post-employment support

In order to employ specific skills, the business operator must take care of the procedures for obtaining a status of residence and the formulation of a support plan after employment. Difficult to hire without

② Frequent occurrence of gray zone recruitment with other status of residence

There are many gray-zone recruitments, such as “Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services,” which are responsible for specific skills work fields with other statuses of residence, and the correct form of hiring specific skills is not widespread.

In order to solve these problems, active recruitment support activities and further development of systems are required.

■Survey overview

・ Implementation date: September 9th (Friday) to September 27th (Tuesday), 2022
・Number of respondents: 160
・Survey target: Inns and hotels that are members of the National Federation of Inns and Hotels Life Sanitation Trade Associations
・Survey method: Questionnaire survey using Google form
・Survey cooperation: National Ryokan Hotel Life Sanitation Association Federation

Overview of the Youth Division of the National Ryokan Hotel Life Sanitation Association Federation

Established: 1969
Minister: Sung Yong-joong
Jurisdiction: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

All Travel Federation Youth Division is a nationwide organization that was established for the purpose of cultivating human resources who will support the future lodging industry. We actively engage in information exchange and dissemination, political activities, etc., including training on general management.In addition, we are distributing interview videos with foreign talents who are active in the accommodation industry on the official YouTube channel of the All Travel Federation Youth Division.


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