Use of NFC tags Digitization of station stamps

Use of NFC tags Digitization of station stamps

On September 15, JR East began a demonstration experiment of digitizing “station stamps” using NFC (Near Field Communication) tags. A total of 78 stations, including 30 on the Yamanote Line, are eligible. We aim to expand services that can be used with a touch like Suica. Until January 5th next year.

You can get a digital version of the station stamp by touching the NFC tag on the stamp stand installed at each station with your smartphone. Stamps can be superimposed on photos and shared on SNS. In order to collect stamps, it is necessary to download the application “NFC Farm” for demonstration experiments. You can get a limited stamp every time you collect 10, 40, or 78 stamps.

In the demonstration experiment, the relationship between participatory events and railway use will be quantified from the history of stamp acquisition by NFC tags and the usage history of Suica registered in the application for the demonstration experiment. The company said, “We will use it to improve the attractiveness of future participatory events and new businesses in collaboration with local facilities along the railway lines.”

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