Topacio has resigned as Deniece Cornejo’s lawyer

Topacio has resigned as Deniece Cornejo's lawyer

MANILA, Philippines- Atty decided. Ferdinand Topacio resigned as counsel for model Deniece Millinete Cornejo in the rape case against television host Vhong Navarro, allegedly due to “differences with certain people.”

According to the report, Topacio said: “With this fundamental difference in managing the case, I cannot in good conscience and ethics continue to be part of the proceedings.”

“I wish to state that I am henceforth dissociating and distancing myself from the prosecution of Mr. Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro in the rape case filed by Ms. Deniece Cornejo against him.”

Topacio revealed that he represented Cornejo in the serious illegal detention case that Navarro filed against him, until convincing the Court of Appeals to file a rape case against the television host.

“I have done all these in the interest of attaining justice for Ms. Cornejo before the courts. There are certain people, however, who are trying to take the case in a direction which I do not wish to pursue as an advocate,” ani Topacio.

The Taguig City Regional Trial Court Branch 69 on September 19, 2022 issued an arrest warrant against Navarro in the case of rape.

Presiding Judge Loralei Cruz Datahan recommended no bail for Navarro’s temporary freedom.

The CA 14th Division on September 20, 2022 issued a resolution dismissing the motions for reconsideration in the issuance of the status quo ante order filed by Navarro.

Navarro, Ferdinand H. Navarro in real life, filed the motion for reconsideration of the July 21, 2022 ruling of the appellate court ordering the Taguig City Prosecutor’s Office to indict him due to the complaint of model Deniece Millinete Cornejo.

Navarro also filed a status quo ante motion “to stay the filing of the criminal information.”

Subalit giit ng CA: “Here, the issues raised by Navarro in his motion, i.e., the parties’ credibility, the truthfulness of their respective claims and the strength of their evidence, are matters best left to the determination of the trial court after a full-blown trial on the merits. “ RNT/SA

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