The blown-up truck was able to pass through the “supermodern” security systems of the Crimean bridge

The blown-up truck was able to pass through the “supermodern” security systems of the Crimean bridge

The security services “had questions” about the duty shift of the guards of the Crimean bridge, which let a truck, allegedly stuffed with explosives, pass. The security forces are also checking screening equipment, informed RT source.

According to him, at the entrance the bridge is equipped with ST-6035 stationary inspection and inspection radio-technical complexes, which illuminate all vehicles. “The capabilities of the complex allow you to see the density of the metal, its infrared spectrum and many other parameters,” the source said.

Undermining a truck on the Crimean bridge occurred at 6:00 am. As a result, two car spans partially collapsed. After the explosion, seven tanks of a freight train, which was located nearby, caught fire. According to preliminary data, three people died: all of them were passengers of a car that was driving next to a truck, the Investigative Committee reports. A criminal case has been opened on the fact of the explosion. The traffic on the bridge has been completely stopped.

The power of the explosion could range from several hundred kilograms to several tons of TNT, reported Rossiyskaya Gazeta, citing a law enforcement source. The explosion on the bridge was so strong that some residents of Kerch, 15-20 km from the place of emergency, broke windows in their apartments and bent window frames. This information was later removed, but it can be found in the address bar.

In March 2021, the same newspaper detailed described the security system of the Crimean bridge, which she called “supermodern”. According to the publication, the radiometric complex shines through trucks “in seconds”, and employees have devices that detect drugs, explosives and chemicals even 60 days after the last contact.

Telegram channel Mash published video from the surveillance camera, where the truck is checked at the traffic police post. Neither the driver nor the cargo aroused suspicion. The trailer, which was fully loaded, was believed to have palletized pallet wrap.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications Alexander Khinshtein informedthat the inspection of the truck de facto was not carried out. This is confirmed by CCTV footage. The deputy blamed the poor security on the Ministry of Transport, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the road and rail components of the transport crossing.

On June 22 of this year, the Krasnodar Online edition published interview with the director of the Kerch branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Department of Departmental Security of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Oleg Ponomarev, who spoke about the security systems of the Crimean bridge. According to him, “unique high-tech equipment” is used to inspect vehicles, due to the “high penetrating ability” of which, opening the container during the inspection of goods is not required.

The investigation established the owner of the truck. It turned out to be Boris Yusubov, a resident of the Krasnodar Territory. According to relatives, he sold the car, but the new owner did not re-register it for himself. Investigations are underway at the man’s place of residence.

The route of movement of the car and documentation are also being studied. According to official information, the truck was driving from Taman. According to Mash, the truck’s route started in Krasnodar.

The Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper reported, citing its own sources, that the SBU was behind the blowing up of the Crimean bridge. Officially, the service does not comment on this information, but a photo of the bridge was published on Twitter with the inscription: “It is dawning, the Bridge is well lit; Nightingale meets SBU in Crimea.”

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