Shobunsha releases a completely revised version of the “Color Plus” series

Shobunsha releases a completely revised version of the "Color Plus" series

Shobunsha is a travel guidebook launched in 2018 “Color PlusThe 10 completely revised editions of the series will be released sequentially from the 17th. In addition to completely redesigning the cover and updating the posted information, you can now read free e-books by installing the app.

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)) Features of this series ((

This series is a new type of travel guidebook launched in 2018. It has become common to decide a travel destination from photos on SNS such as Instagram. Active trends are also observed.
For women in their 20s and 30s who are active in traveling and sensitive to SNS, and who travel in search of more excitement and added value while also visiting standard spots, we offer extraordinary experiences that you will want to share. A collection of travel styles that can make you HAPPYcolor plusSeries.

)) Points of revision ((
|| Revamped cover and updated content

In addition to the must-have information, the editorial department also introduces found locally, and proposes a way to enjoy a trip that is different from the usual. Impressive scenery, gourmet foods you want to eat, I want this! I want to be healed… I invite you to a trip that fulfills all the things you want to do.
|| Now you can read free e-books with the “Maple Link” app!

In the revised version, you can now read free e-books by installing the travel app “Maple Link”. It is a convenient function that allows you to quickly check a little while traveling on your smartphone.

)) Magazine gallery for each area ((

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)) Common structure of this book ((
|| Opening feature “○○ makes me happy now, being happy with ○○.”

The opening feature picks up the topics of the area and the editorial department’s recommended points. We introduce plenty of colorful scenery and extraordinary experiences.
|| “GOOD MEAL, GOOD TIME” and “MUST SEE, MUST VISIT” according to the characteristics of the area

The main theme is “GOOD MEAL, GOOD TIME” for gourmet areas, and “MUST SEE, MUST VISIT” for areas where you can enjoy walking and sightseeing.
|| Five themes: “Discovery”, “Gourmet”, “Shopping”, “Experience” and “Healing”

New discoveries while traveling, delicious and cute things, moving experiences, resetting your mind. Five themes are covered using vivid photographs that are typical of Color Plus.
|| “Go to Suburb” and “B-side” corners continue to be enhanced

We have also updated the section introducing the neighborhood of “Hitoashi no bashite”, which has been well received since the first edition, and the surrounding area, as well as the section that collects local stories and things that are loved by locals.

)) product Overview ((

Series name:color plus

Product name:“Sapporo Otaru Biei Furano” “Osaka” “Okinawa Kerama Islands” “Kanazawa Noto” “Kyoto” “Hiroshima Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine” “Fukuoka Itoshima” “Ise Grand Shrine Shima” “Izumo Taisha Matsue Iwami Ginzan” “Ishigaki Island Taketomi Iriomote”・Miyako Island

Format and number of pages: A5 variant, 128-160 pages each, with map booklet appendix
Release date: October 17, 2022 … “Sapporo Otaru Biei Furano” “Osaka” “Okinawa Kerama Islands”
October 21, 2022…”Kanazawa Noto” “Kyoto” “Hiroshima Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine” “Fukuoka Itoshima”
October 27, 2022…”Ise Grand Shrine Shima” “Izumo Taisha Matsue Iwami Ginzan” “Ishigaki Island Taketomi/Iriomote/Miyako Island”
Sold at major bookstores nationwide
List price: 1,045 yen each (main unit 950 yen + tax 10%)
Publisher: Shobunsha Co., Ltd.

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