SHC to be built in Glan, Sarangani inaugurated; Bong Go: Healthcare services continue to be brought closer to people

SHC to be built in Glan, Sarangani inaugurated;  Bong Go: Healthcare services continue to be brought closer to people

MANILA, Philippines- An ardent advocate of establishing more public health facilities that provide quality yet affordable health care to more Filipinos across the country, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go personally led the groundbreaking of the Super Health Center in Glan, Sarangani on Wednesday.

In his statement, Go, head of the Senate committee on health and demography, reiterated that he remains dedicated to creating and promoting programs aimed at improving the delivery of healthcare services in the country, especially in rural areas.

“Your place here in Sarangani is really big, your region is big. Our hospital is really lacking right now. So (with the help of the Super Health Center), we no longer need to travel to the city. I said, are we going to wait for the patient to be saved (in big hospitals)? The important thing is, if the Super Health Center can handle the treatment, they will be treated immediately,” said Go after the groundbreaking.

Go was instrumental in allocating funds for the construction of 307 Super Health Centers nationwide this year strategically located in rural areas to ensure that the poorest sectors have access to medical services.

Through Go’s efforts, the previous administration allocated funds under the 2022 Health Facilities Enhancement Program for the initial 307 Super Health Centers. As the vice chair of the Senate committee on finance, he promised to push for additional funds in the DOH’s 2023 budget for more SHCs to be built in different parts of the country.

The said center will offer database management, out-patient, birthing, isolation, diagnostic (laboratory: x-ray, ultrasound), pharmacy, and ambulatory surgical unit. Others are eye, ear, nose, and throat (EENT) services; oncology centers; physical therapy, rehabilitation center and telemedicine.

“This Super Health Center is just a little bigger than the Rural Health Unit (but) smaller than the hospital. It is a moderate version of a polyclinic or an improved version of a Rural Health Unit. You know, remote places like Glan are difficult. You still have to travel to General Santos City, you still have to travel to provincial hospitals. Now you have a hospital here,” said Go happily.

The DOH will implement the Super Health Center and more will be installed this year to help more Filipinos.

“We don’t know when pandemics will come in our lives. The more we should invest in our healthcare system,” he urged.

Department of Health officer-in-charge, Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said she is confident that the centers will greatly help reduce the occupancy rate in hospitals.

Officially, Super Health Centers have facilities found in large hospitals. He said the SHC is being started where basic tests that usually need to be done in hospitals can be done here without requiring people to go to a high-level facility.

Besides Glan, Sen also assured. The construction of another Super Health Center in Lomuyon, Kiamba in Sarangani is underway.

Meanwhile, Go continues to urge those in need of medical attention to also seek services at the Malasakit Center located at Dr. Jorge P. Royeca Hospital in General Santos City to help them with expenses.

“The Malasakit Center, one stop shop, is a law that I promoted. Four government agencies – PhilHealth, PCSO, DOH, DSWD – are already inside the hospitals. There is no need to go out (of the hospital) to ask for help,” explained Go. RNA

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