Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka) sells “Christmas cake Stollen 2022” at gourmet boutique Melissa

Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka) sells “Christmas cake Stollen 2022” at gourmet boutique Melissa

RIHGA Royal Hotel (Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka, General Manager Tomoko Nakagawa) recently announced that it will pre-order all four types of Christmas cakes and Stollen at the take-out shop “Gourmet Boutique Melissa”.
Christmas cakes will be available from December 20th (Tuesday) to December 25th (Sunday), Stollen will be on sale from November 1st (Tuesday) to December 25th (Sunday), and reservations will be accepted from October 25th (Tuesday). do.

“Christmas cake Stollen 2022” image“Christmas cake Stollen 2022” image


“Gateau de Noel de lours ~Gift from Santa Bear~” Cross-sectional image

Last year’s popular pastry chef Koji Ushiro and chef chocolatier Motohiro Okai of “Chocolat Boutique Lecra” collaborated to create a special cake this year with the image of “Santa Bear” carrying a lot of red fruits as Christmas presents on a truck. The cake “Gâteau de Noël de l’ours ~Gift from Santa Claus~” will appear. Pistachio butter cream, vanilla mousse, berry jelly, berry mousse, crunchy pistachio dough, and a 5-layer cake surrounded by a stump-like biscuit. The top is decorated with berries to give it a bright Christmas color. In addition, the “strawberry decoration cake”, which is luxuriously decorated with two layers of strawberries and gentle whipped cream, and the “chocolate cake,” which is a softly baked roll cake dough decorated with chocolate whipped cream and strawberries to resemble a stump. We also offer “Bush de Noel cream” and “Stollen”, which is baked with richly scented dried fruits and almonds kneaded into a rich buttery dough.
In addition, various cakes are now available for convenient pre-reservation “store pick-up service” at “RIHGA Royal Hotel Online Shop”.

Details of Gourmet Boutique Melissa “Christmas Cake Stollen 2022” are as follows.

gourmet boutique Melissa christmas cake・Stollen 2022Overview

[Reservation period]October 25 (Tue)-December 18 (Sun)
* Reservation required up to 7 days before the delivery date
*Various types of cakes can be reserved at the “store pick-up service” of the “online shop”.
*Please note that delivery is not possible.

[Handing over / sales period]
Christmas cake: December 20 (Tue)-December 25 (Sun)
Stollen: November 1st (Tuesday) to December 25th (Sunday)
[Sales time]10:00-19:00 *Sales period and business hours are subject to change depending on the situation
[Sales location]Gourmet boutique Melissa (1st floor)
【product Overview】

①Gateau de Noel de Law ~ Gift from Santa Bear ~ 24,840 yen[Length about 37cm]
② Strawberry decoration cake 4,212 yen[about 11 cm square]
③ Strawberry decoration cake 6,264 yen[about 15 cm in diameter]
④Chocolate Cream Bush de Noel 6,264 yen[Length about 23cm]
⑤ Stollen (Large) 3,456 yen[Length approx. 22cm]
⑥ Stollen (small) 2,268 yen[Length about 16 cm]

①Gateau de Noel de Law ~Gift from Santa Claus~①Gateau de Noel de Law ~Gift from Santa Claus~

② Strawberry decoration cake② Strawberry decoration cake

③ Strawberry decoration cake③ Strawberry decoration cake

④Chocolate cream bouche de noel④Chocolate cream bouche de noel


* ⑤ and ⑥ are also sold at stores.
※The photograph is an image
*Rates include tax
* Product specifications are subject to change and sales may be discontinued without notice.
*Sales may be suspended depending on the availability of materials.

Chef Patissier Koji Ushiro

Joined the company in 2000. She belongs to the confectionery section as a consistent after being assigned to the confectionery section. In November 2012, he was appointed sous chef (department chef) in the patisserie department. He has an established reputation for the wide variety of sweets he creates based on his reliable confectionery techniques. In addition to “Gourmet Boutique He Melissa”, he supervises the sweets of “Main Lounge” and “The Presidential Towers He Executive Lounge”.

Chef Patissier Koji UshiroChef Patissier Koji Ushiro

Chef Chocolatier Motohiro Okai

Joined the company in 1990. After being assigned to the confectionery section, he is involved in all confectionery sections such as patisserie, chocolate, and ice cream. As an exclusive chocolatier at Chocolat Boutique Kanojo wa Rekura, she specializes in playful chocolates that are pleasing to the eye, such as hand-made chocolate works that pursue “realism” down to the details and textures.

Chef Chocolatier Motohiro OkaiChef Chocolatier Motohiro Okai

“Gourmet Boutique Melissa” TEL.06-6448-2412 (Direct)[Business hours]10:00-19:00
Rihga Royal Hotel Homepagehttps://www.rihga.co.jp/osaka

RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL ONLINE SHOP https://www.melissa-ec.jp/



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rihgaroyalhotel_official

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