New book 『A Baby is Born』 and others

New book 『A Baby is Born』 and others

– A picture book for play and growth made with aya language

Yiru-ri (Author), Do Hwi-kyung (illustration) / Polar Bear

A picture book that conveys love and emotion through horse play

ah! Baby was born. hey! Meow was also born. uh! One day the two met. female! I got to play here. oh! What shall we play today?

《A Baby Has Been Born》 is a picture book for horse play made with ‘Ayyyy’. Easy and fun Aya language, if you follow the horse play, you will feel a touching emotion. Aya, this is a picture book that conveys love and emotion through word play, 《A Baby is Born》!

The third picture book for horse play by the world-loved author Iruri!

Writer Yuri Lee, who has touched the hearts of people around the world with the polar bear coda series, such as “Black Coda”, “Polar Bear Kodaho” and “Always by Your Side”! Author Yuri Lee is back with his third picture book, A Baby is Born! “Baby Bear ABC”, a picture book for horseplay made with alphabets, and “Gorilla and a Raccoon,” a picture book for horseplay made with Kiyeok Nieun Digut, have been praised for catching all three rabbits of fun, meaning and knowledge, and are loved by readers.

Iruri’s third picture book for horse play, 《A Baby Has Been Born》, has created a story in Aya language. ‘ah! Baby was born. hey! Meow was also born. uh! As you can see from the text, ‘They met one day.’ It is a touching portrayal of the adorable friendship between a baby and a cat. 《A Baby Is Born》 is a picture book that captures all three rabbits: fun, meaning and knowledge.

A play and growth picture book made with Aya

ah! Baby was born. hey! Meow was also born. uh! One day the two met.

《A Baby Is Born》 is a picture book for horse play made in Aya language. However, if you look at the picture, a baby and a cat are meeting and playing. When children meet, they play and socialize and grow. In fact, the same goes for adults. Everyone meets, plays, socializes, learns, and grows. The picture book 《A Baby Is Born》 is a short story that captures the process of life as it is. We meet, play, hang out, learn, grow, break up and meet again throughout our lives. 《A Baby Is Born》 is a picture book that shows how we meet, play, and grow.

A picture book that presents the meaning of family and love

ah! Baby was born. hey! Meow was also born. uh! One day the two met.

《A Baby Is Born》 is a picture book about birth and meeting. A family is made by birth or by meeting. In the past, the meaning of family, which consisted only of blood, has expanded and deepened in modern times. Adoption, solidarity, and the love of friendship have made the meaning of the family wider and deeper in our time. 《A Baby Is Born》 is a family picture book of birth and meeting!


– From alchemists to cyborgs, how humanity challenges immortality

Benoit Sima (Author), Philippe Berkovich (Picture), Kim Mo (Translator), Hong Seong-Wook (Supervised) / Hanbit Biz

Humans have always dreamed of becoming immortal. The challenge continued for thousands of years. Alchemists, scientists, and eugenics were all at the forefront of reaching immortality. Can the 21st century digital technology revolution lead to immortality? 《The History of Immortality Learned through Cartoons》 is a liberal arts comic that examines the development of science and technology under the theme of ‘immortality’. From Leonardo da Vinci to the age of Google, it tells the story of people who did not stop challenging themselves to overcome the limits of human beings.

How far is the challenge of mankind to overcome the proposition that ‘all humans die’, and what kind of controversies are they developing? It unfolds in chronological order of how the ‘immortal history’, which is also the history of science and religion, is being realized in human reality. This is a must-read book in this era of increasing discussion on ‘what are humans and what is the role of technology’.


John Cain (Author), Lee Soon-Young (Translator) / Polar Bear

The second laughter bomb following the global bestseller 『I am Oh, You are Ah!』!

“Remember. Very easy! If I do, you’re making a big fuss! got it?” John Kane has made a more powerful laugh bomb picture book. Readers of “I am oh, you are ah!” are already ready to actively participate. If you do it right away, you are ready to do it! “I’m Bug, You Ug!” will leave your family immersed in the joy and laughter of books all night long.

A very original and fun interactive picture book!

Just looking at the title of “I’m Pung, You Eung!” makes me smile! It also smells like farts when you read it. Author John Cain is a genius for making funny stories, but he’s also a genius for engaging readers. The reader is deliberately deceived and actively engaged because it is so entertaining.

『I’m a bum, you’re a nerd!』 is a book that makes the reader the protagonist, not the spectator, like 『I am oh, you ah!』. 『I’m a bum, you’re a nerd!』 is a magical book that makes both the reader and the listener shout and act with excitement.



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