JATA Holds Webinar to Resume Sea Travel

JATA Holds Webinar to Resume Sea Travel

The Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) will hold the 3rd JOTC Webinars 2022, a webinar that will provide useful information and educational training opportunities for member travel agencies after the resumption of overseas travel. It will be held for a total of 6 days in October.

The webinar was held as part of the activities of the Outbound Promotion Council established for the purpose of revitalizing overseas travel promotion activities. It has been held regularly since April this year. The first episode (April) was viewed by a total of 4,176 people over seven days, and the second episode (July) was viewed by a total of 3,757 people over eight days.

In this webinar, in addition to points to note in product creation and sales, presentations will be made on program proposals related to SDGs and MICE, and the latest travel conditions.

The date and time of the event and the presenters (tourist bureaus and embassies) are as follows.

October 18, 19: Europe, Middle East ▽ 20, 21: Asia, Oceania, Micronesia ▽ 27, 28: USA, Canada, Latin America

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