Hyderabad: Citizens protest after cops shut fuel pumps due to Milad

Hyderabad: Citizens protest after cops shut fuel pumps due to Milad

Hyderabad: Commotion prevailed at Chaderghat after people protested against the closure of petrol bunks on Saturday night in anticipation of Milan-Un-Nabi on Sunday. At about 11 pm police patrol vehicles asked the fuel station managements to close the stations in parts of the city.

Adhering to the Hyderabad police’s direction, fuel station managements closed down the pumps. Irked by the closure of bunks, people at Malakpet started raising slogans at a petrol bunk near Nalgonda cross roads. To register their protest, some people sat on a road demanding the bunk be opened and people allowed to refuel vehicle tanks.

The police came to the place and dispersed the public using mild force. An angry motorist said without prior announcement the police should not be doing it. “There is a word around that due to Milad-Un-Nabi the bunk is shut down. It sends a wrong message to other communities about Muslims ” the man lamented.

All fuel stations in Hyderabad were shut down and the police station inspectors received the direction in afternoon. The step is taken to prevent rallies taken without permission in the night. Groups of youngsters move around on vehicles as a practice on the intervening night of 11 and 12 Rabil ul Awal month (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, which is observed). In certain incidents, rash driving and triple riding were noticed.

“Police should book cases for violations. For mistake of a handful, the whole of Hyderabad cannot be punished. I have to deliver orders and now there is no fuel in vehicle. How should i do my work,” complained a food delivery boy on condition of anonymity.

Men along with families were noticed standing near the fuel stations pleading management to provide fuel. Some helpful vehicle owners were seen helping by transfering fuel from their vehicles and providing the needy vehicle owners with petrol. In black, a litre of fuel is also being sold for Rs 150 a litre at some places, citizens said.

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