DoubleTree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle, “Halloween Dinner & Sweets Buffet”

DoubleTree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle, "Halloween Dinner & Sweets Buffet"

Double Tree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle will hold a “Halloween Dinner & Sweets Buffet” on the 29th and 30th.

DoubleTree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle (General Manager: Craig McGovern) will offer a special Halloween sweets buffet for two days on October 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), 2022. We will hold “Halloween Dinner & Sweets Buffet-Dark Knight Autumn Harvest Festival-”.


【20229moon30Day】 DoubleTree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle(General Manager: Craig McGovern)January 20220month 29Sun (Sat), 30th (Sun)For two days, we will hold “Halloween Dinner & Sweets Buffet-Dark Night Autumn Harvest Festival-”, which includes a special menu for the Halloween sweets buffet, which is very popular every year.

This year, we will deliver Halloween unique to the hotel with a variety of darkly colored menus and a space production where you can fully enjoy the Halloween mood. A lineup full of autumn flavors such as seasonal pumpkins, purple yams, and chestnuts, roast beef cooked at a low temperature, which is the pride of the hotel, and a live kitchen where the chef finishes right in front of you. Create a dark Halloween world view. Those who come in costume will receive a small gift, and children will be able to enjoy picking up sweets.

Red sweet potato mousse and cream cheese spider web cake

With the image of a spider’s web, it is a self-confidence product that uses seasonal purple yam and allows you to enjoy the taste of purple yam directly with a modest sweetness.

Mousse au chocolat with blood dripping red jelly
The chocolate mousse with the soft scent of cacao and the perfect balance of raspberry sourness is addictive.

Amulet Dijon
A menu devised for enjoying seasonal chestnuts deliciously. You can enjoy the combination of the sweetness of chestnuts and the sourness of cassis.

devil pinata
A playful item filled with sweets in a colorful edible swirl made of meringue.

Halloween special pumpkin hell mapo tofu
Seasonal pumpkin and cream cheese add richness and mildness to mapo tofu, making it a taste that even children can enjoy.

Roasted chicken thigh devil sauce
A dish of carefully roasted chicken thighs topped with cayenne pepper and mustard sauce based on demi-glace sauce.

“Halloweendinner&sweetsbuffetDark Knight Autumn Harvest FestivalOverview

Venue: Double Tree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle
Grand Castle Cafe & Dining (4F)
Period: October 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), 2022
Time: 18:00-21:00 (last order 20:30)
Price: Adult 5,000 yen / Child 10-12 years old 2,000 yen / 4-9 years old 1,200 yen
*Free for children under 3 years old *Price includes tax and service charge

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Pastry Chef Muramoto Kunihiro

Born in Tokyo. After working at a famous patisserie in Tokyo, he was appointed pastry chef at Double Tree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle last summer. She won second place at Fuji TV’s “Japan’s Best Patissier Championship Patissier Championship” and has appeared in many other media.

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