Diarrhea outbreak in Quezon, DOH is investigating

Diarrhea outbreak in Quezon, DOH is investigating

MANILA, Philippines- The Department of Health or DOH is investigating the report of a diarrhea outbreak in a Barangay in General Nakar, Quezon.

According to the report, four individuals have already lost their lives due to severe dehydration caused by diarrhea.

It is said that the victims were from the Dumagat tribe, and it is suspected that contaminated water was the cause of their illness.

It is said that the cause of the outbreak in the area is parasite (amoebiasis and giardiasis) based on the thinest feces of the patients.

The Regional Health Unit of General Nakar recorded 33 cases of diarrhea.

23 individuals have recovered, two are currently confined to the hospital and eight are still recovering at home.

There were two other deaths, but authorities are still investigating whether diarrhea was also the cause.

The local government said it had the situation under control. It had built bathrooms with toilets in the area, but the residents did not use them.

Currently, the Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (RESU) of DOH-Calabarzon is conducting a mission and surveillance related to the outbreak.

The DOH advised those affected by the outbreak to immediately contact a doctor when experiencing symptoms.

If you are far from the hospital and you can boil water and add salt and sugar or use oresol as first aid.

It is also said to be important to look at the source of drinking water and food. Jocelyn Tabangcura-Domenden

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