Chie and Valentine, brawl online!

Chie and Valentine, brawl online!

Manila, Philippines – What’s this? It seems that there is a conflict between actress Chie Filomeno and social media personality Valentine Rosales.

What happened?

According to a news website, Valentine commented on the Manila Bulletin’s post regarding Chie’s picture on the driver’s license.

“I’m with Ano…” Valentine said.

The actress replied, “You know you stopped chasing clout. Let her rest in peace please.”

Valentine immediately answered, “Haaa? When I was Nadine! What are you saying?”

“You really are a liar, aren’t you? You’re still going to sneak in,” Chie said.

“You’re even better, you even got earrings in Pic, even though it’s not allowed,” replied Valentine.

“Is that your comeback? Earrings are NOT allowed in the passport. In the DL, don’t just go with the man,” said Chie.

“It’s really different when you have special treatment congratulations! Drive safely,” Rosales teased.

It’s just that, Valentine looks like a badshot to netizens. Here are some of the Marites’ comments:

“Ouch! slap in the face ohhh..”

“It’s the one who likes story time”

“reinvent the story in 711”

“the walking gums are attacking again, amaccana accla!! letche you! wwwwww”

“too much attention. You gay, quieten your life, not just meddling and making people famous”

“Pretended to be gay to get through the case, hahaha.” Joey Sarmiento

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