Barangay chief dead; son wounded in 3 NPA

Barangay chief dead;  son wounded in 3 NPA

NORTHERN SAMAR – A barangay chief was killed while his son was injured after being shot by three members of the rebel New People’s Army (NPA), Friday in the town of Pambujan.

The deceased was identified as Yolando Gluton Jarito Sr., 58 years old, Barangay Chief of Brgy. Diit de Turag, of said town.

His son, Yolando Notarte Jarito Jr., 27 years old, and a resident of the said area, is being treated at the hospital.

Based on the report of the Pambujan Municipal Police Station, at 3:40 p.m. the crime occurred in front of the victim’s house in Barangay Cababtuan.

The police are looking for the suspects who were positively identified by the son as Pedrin Julbetado, Emar Orpeza, and Saldy Bantillo, all members of the NPA.

According to the police investigation, the victim was standing outside their house when three armed suspects suddenly appeared and shot the victim in different parts of the body, which caused his immediate death.

The victim’s son heard the gunshots so he quickly left the house and positively identified the suspects.

Before the suspects fled on a motorcycle, the boy Jarito was also shot, who was hit in the leg and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Now facing charges of murder and frustrated murder.

Authorities are now investigating the real motive for the crime. Mary Anne Sapico

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