Andrea, will try Hollywood!

Andrea, will try Hollywood!

Manila, Philippines – Andrea del Rosario is determined to venture into Hollywood.

She may be based in America in pursuit of her dream, but the Viva star will also return home if another good film assignment comes along.

“Another” because Andrea takes pride in playing the lead part in May, December, January.

Andrea plays the role of a loving mother in the story written by National Artist Ricky Lee.

After all, she is the actress in mind of director Mac Alejandre.

Proud si Andrea dahil not all actresses her age are given the opportunity to play the role of a mother who has a gay son.

It’s her story, she said she realized she has grown too many gray hairs.

Pero okey lang daw as she considers the project an early Christmas gift to herself.

It is said that she will star in that movie when she auditions in Hollywood in Chicago.

Of course, he will pursue that dream for his only daughter.

For Andrea to say she stands a chance to be able to conquer Hollywood will serve as an inspiration to other actors who share the same dream.

Andrea compares herself to Kate Winslet in the film The Reader.

Kate has been an actress for a long time but it was only in 2009 that she was nominated as the Best Actress awardee at the Oscars.

Who knows, maybe Andrea will have better luck in Hollywood? Ronnie Carrasco III

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