4.37 kg gold seized at Hyderabad airport

4.37 kg gold seized at Hyderabad airport

Hyderabad: Customs officials at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport here seized 4.37 kg gold in three separate cases on Saturday.

In the first case, the officials intercepted three female passengers, who arrived from Dubai. The passengers were trying to smuggle the gold by concealing it in undergarments in paste form and in 24 karat chains. The seized gold weighed about 3.28 kg, valued at Rs 1.72 crore.

In another case, the Customs officials intercepted two male passengers who arrived from Kuwait. Two gold bars, buttons and some jewellery concealed inside their check-in baggage was seized. The total weight of the seized gold was 855 gm.

In the third case, officials intercepted a female passenger arriving from Dubai, who was trying to smuggle the gold by concealing it in paste form in hair band and dress parts. The seized gold weighed 234.2 gm.

Saturday’s seizures came a day after officials seized gold worth over Rs 4 crore in two separate incidents.

A day earlier, one male passenger was intercepted on arrival from Bangkok who tried to smuggle in the gold in paste form concealed in his rectum. The gold weighing total 865.6 gm was valued at Rs 46.05 lakh.

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